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# Ancillary Data for N2CLS
```` is used to homogenize different catalogs into the same headers.
* `fxxx`, `exxx` are used to describe the flux and error at xxx micron, when available the deboosted flux are also in the table.
* `_ra`, `_dec` ICRS [deg] are always present
* raw catalogs are also present
* fits votable and ds9 reg are produced
* **Geach2017** : SCUBA2 N2CLS
* **GOODSH_DR1** : GOODS-Herschel meta catalog (IRAC/MIPS/PACS/Spire) based on 24 micron
* **Greve2008** : MAMBO2
* **HerMes_DR4**: XID catalog PACS/Spire based on 250 micron
* **Perera2008** : AzTeC
* **Staguhn2014** : GISMO
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