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Added IRAM obslog

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from astroquery.vizier import Vizier
from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord
import astropy.units as u
fields = {'GOODSN': {'coord': SkyCoord(189.229278564, 62.2437744141, unit="deg"),
'size': 0.000555555555556 * 601},
'COSMOS': {'coord': SkyCoord(150.000000000, 2.25000000000, unit="deg"),
'size': 0.000555555555556 * 2401}
Vizier.ROW_LIMIT = 10000000
for field, item in fields.items():
results = Vizier.query_region(item['coord'], radius=item['size'] * u.deg, catalog='B/iram')
for data in results:
coords = SkyCoord([" ".join([ra, dec])
for ra, dec in zip(data["RAJ2000"], data["DEJ2000"])],
unit=('hourangle', 'deg'), frame="fk5")
data['_ra'] = coords.ra
data['_dec'] = coords.dec
data.write('{}_{}.fits'.format(field, data.meta['name'].replace('/','_')))
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