Commit 8ba502d7 authored by LUSTIG Peter's avatar LUSTIG Peter
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binascii to hexlify for campability reasons

parent 387db6ca
......@@ -80,7 +80,8 @@ def fake_worker(img, min_threshold=2, nsources=8**2, flux=1*u.Jy,
assert detection or photometry, ('you have to chose either detection or '
'photometry or both')
np.random.seed(int(os.urandom(4).hex(), 16))
# np.random.seed(int(os.urandom(4).hex(), 16))
np.random.seed(int(binascii.hexlify(os.urandom(4)), 16))
# img = IMAGE
# Renormalize the stddev
std = img.check_SNR()
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