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Created Object that shifts positions from catalog to map area

parent fae88fa6
from nikamap import NikaMap
from astropy.table import Table
import numpy as np
import astropy.units as u
def GetInRange(array, low=None, high=None, extra=None):
lmask = np.zeros(len(array), dtype=bool)
hmask = np.zeros(len(array), dtype=bool)
if low is not None:
lmask = array < low
if high is not None:
hmask = array > high
tmask = lmask | hmask
if extra is not None:
return array[~tmask], extra[~tmask]
return array[~tmask]
def uniform(a, b, size=None):
return (b - a) * np.random.random_sample(size) + a
def rel_to_coord(a, b, relcoord):
return (b - a) * relcoord + a
def Shift(biglimits, smalllimits, relcoord):
shiftrange = np.sort(biglimits-smalllimits)
shift = rel_to_coord(*shiftrange)
return shift
def Shift(shiftrange, relcoord):
shift = rel_to_coord(*shiftrange, relcoord)
return shift
class CatalogShifter:
def __init__(self, catalog, mapshape, wcs):
maplimits = wcs.wcs_pix2world(*(np.array(((0, 0), mapshape)).T), 0)
ra, dec = catalog['ra'], catalog['dec']
sourcelimits = np.array([[np.amax(ra), np.amin(ra)],
[np.amin(dec), np.amax(dec)]])
shiftlimits = maplimits - sourcelimits
self.catalog = catalog
self._maplmits = maplimits
self._shiftlimits = shiftlimits
def __call__(self, relra=None, reldec=None):
ra_shiftlimits, dec_shiftlimits = self._shiftlimits
maplimits = self._maplmits
outcat = self.catalog # this should create a copy
if relra is None:
relra = np.random.random_sample()
if reldec is None:
reldec = np.random.random_sample()
rashift = Shift(np.sort(ra_shiftlimits), relra)
decshift = Shift(np.sort(dec_shiftlimits), reldec)
outcat['ra'] = outcat['ra'] + rashift
outcat['dec'] = outcat['dec'] + decshift
_, outcat = GetInRange(outcat['ra'], *np.sort(maplimits[0]), outcat)
_, outcat = GetInRange(outcat['dec'], *np.sort(maplimits[1]), outcat)
return outcat
if __name__ == "__main__":
nmfile = "/home/peter/Dokumente/Uni/Paris/Stage/data/map.fits"
tablefile = "/home/peter/Dokumente/Uni/Paris/Stage/N2CLS/SIDES_NIKA.fits"
nm =
wcs = nm.wcs
shape = nm.shape
catalog =
sh = CatalogShifter(catalog, shape, wcs)
# %matplotlib tk
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