Commit aecc16e0 authored by LUSTIG Peter's avatar LUSTIG Peter
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added file for detectons in real map

parent 02d0f213
import numpy as np
from nikamap import NikaMap, Jackknife, NikaBeam
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from pathlib import Path
import astropy.units as u
from import HDUList, PrimaryHDU, BinTableHDU
from picklesave import LoadObject
detection_threshold = 3.5
band = '2mm'
fwhm_beam = 11.2 * u.arcsec
if band == '2mm':
fwhm_beam = 17.7 * u.arcsec
fname = '../map_newrealisation_{}.pkl'.format(band)
realmap = LoadObject(fname)
# create new beam
newbeam = NikaBeam(fwhm=fwhm_beam, pixel_scale=realmap._pixel_scale)
realmap.beam = newbeam
std = realmap.check_SNR()
realmap.uncertainty.array *= std
nm_mf = realmap.match_filter(realmap.beam)
std = nm_mf.check_SNR()
nm_mf.uncertainty.array *= std
realmap.phot_sources(sources=nm_mf.sources, peak=False, psf=True)
hdul = HDUList([PrimaryHDU()])
hdu = BinTableHDU(data=realmap.sources, name='detected_sources')
hdu.header['band'] = band
hdu.header['fwhm_beam'] = '{}'.format(fwhm_beam)
hdu.header['detection_threshold'] = detection_threshold
# hdu.header['parity_threshold'] = parity_threshold
hdul.writeto('NewrealisationSources_{}_threshold{}.fits'.format(band, detection_threshold), overwrite=True)
# realmap.sources.write()
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