Commit 18291445 authored by LUSTIG Peter's avatar LUSTIG Peter

small changes

parent aecc16e0
import numpy as np
from nikamap import NikaMap, Jackknife, NikaBeam
from nikamap import NikaMap, NikaBeam
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from pathlib import Path
import astropy.units as u
from import HDUList, PrimaryHDU, BinTableHDU
from picklesave import LoadObject
detection_threshold = 3.5
......@@ -14,9 +13,9 @@ fwhm_beam = 11.2 * u.arcsec
if band == '2mm':
fwhm_beam = 17.7 * u.arcsec
fname = '../map_newrealisation_{}.pkl'.format(band)
fname = '../map.fits'
realmap =, band=band)
realmap = LoadObject(fname)
# create new beam
newbeam = NikaBeam(fwhm=fwhm_beam, pixel_scale=realmap._pixel_scale)
realmap.beam = newbeam
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