Commit c864c773 authored by François Agneray's avatar François Agneray
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Fixed bug ci build coverage

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......@@ -69,11 +69,12 @@ build-coverage:
image: docker:stable
stage: build-coverage
- echo "FROM nginx" > var/Dockerfile
- echo "COPY coverage /usr/share/nginx/html" >> var/Dockerfile
- mkdir build-coverage
- echo "FROM nginx" > build-coverage/Dockerfile
- echo "COPY coverage /usr/share/nginx/html" >> build-coverage/Dockerfile
- docker login -u fagneray -p $PORTUS_TOKEN
- docker pull $COVERAGE_IMAGE:latest || true
- docker build --cache-from $COVERAGE_IMAGE:latest -t $COVERAGE_IMAGE:latest var
- docker build --cache-from $COVERAGE_IMAGE:latest -t $COVERAGE_IMAGE:latest build-coverage
- docker push $COVERAGE_IMAGE:latest
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