Commit b314077e authored by François Agneray's avatar François Agneray
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Fixed bug: phpcs

parent 4c5e4ef8
......@@ -42,8 +42,11 @@ final class SearchAction extends AbstractAction
* @param EntityManagerInterface $em Doctrine Entity Manager Interface
* @param DBALConnectionFactory $connectionFactory Factory used to construct connection to business database
public function __construct(EntityManagerInterface $em, DBALConnectionFactory $connectionFactory, OperatorFactory $operatorFactory)
public function __construct(
EntityManagerInterface $em,
DBALConnectionFactory $connectionFactory,
OperatorFactory $operatorFactory
) {
$this->connectionFactory = $connectionFactory;
$this->operatorFactory = $operatorFactory;
......@@ -35,7 +35,10 @@ final class CorsMiddlewareTest extends TestCase
$corsMiddleware = new \App\Middleware\CorsMiddleware();
$response = $corsMiddleware->process($request, $requestHandler);
$this->assertSame((string) $response->getHeaderLine('Access-Control-Allow-Origin'), '*');
$this->assertSame('Content-Type, Authorization', (string) $response->getHeaderLine('Access-Control-Allow-Headers'));
'Content-Type, Authorization',
(string) $response->getHeaderLine('Access-Control-Allow-Headers')
public function testCorsHeadersForGetMethod()
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