Commit e060333f authored by François Agneray's avatar François Agneray
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Methods put and delete added for GroupAction

parent ae0c3c13
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ $app->map([OPTIONS, GET, PUT, DELETE], '/project/{name}', App\Action\ProjectActi
$app->map([OPTIONS, GET, POST], '/user', App\Action\UserListAction::class);
$app->map([OPTIONS, GET, PUT, DELETE], '/user/{email}', App\Action\UserAction::class);
$app->map([OPTIONS, GET, POST], '/group', App\Action\GroupListAction::class);
$app->map([OPTIONS, GET, POST], '/group/{id}', App\Action\GroupAction::class);
$app->map([OPTIONS, GET, PUT, DELETE], '/group/{id}', App\Action\GroupAction::class);
$app->map([OPTIONS, GET, POST], '/instance', App\Action\InstanceListAction::class);
$app->map([OPTIONS, GET, PUT, DELETE], '/instance/{name}', App\Action\InstanceAction::class);
$app->map([OPTIONS, GET, POST], '/instance/{name}/dataset-family', App\Action\DatasetFamilyListAction::class);
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