ANIS is a web application allowing to facilitate and homogenize the astronomical data implementation of Information System at CeSAM. It provides high level services like search, extract and display imaging and spectroscopic data using a combination of criteria, an object list or a cone search interfaces.

Data search

  • Search using a combination of criteria
  • Search around a position + radius in one dataset (cone-search)
  • Search around a position + radius in selected datasets (multiple cone-search)
  • Search positions/radius in one dataset using an object list

Data display

  • Data table with paging and sorting function
  • Detail page for one object
  • Interactive plot of fitscut images
  • Plot of spectra
  • Plot of probability distribution function
  • Export spectra archive & stamps archive
  • VO-SAMP access

Data Download

  • Download dataset on CSV
  • Download dataset on ASCII
  • Download dataset on VO