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#Configuration file needed by the program
#YAML is used
gal name: test
#In this section write the name of fits' files from the directory which contain this file
#The program can search file in subdirectories
flux: flux_HD.fits
vel: vel.fits
errvel: evel.fits
#This section is to set parameters needed by the model used
init fit:
#Inside 'parname' write the parameters which used by the model in the same order than you declared your model
parname: ['xc', 'yc', 'pa', 'inc', 'vs', 'vm', 'rt']
#For each parameters, set the initial 'value', 'limits' and if is 'fixed' (1) or not (0)
#The order of parameters is no important
desc: center abscissa in pixel
value: 14.8
limits: [10, 20]
fixed: 1
desc: center ordinate in pixel
value: 14.9
limits: [10, 20]
fixed: 1
desc: positon angle in degree
value: 0
limits: [0, 180]
fixed: 0
desc: inclination in degree
value: 45
limits: [10, 80]
fixed: 1
desc: systemic velocity in km/s
value: 0
limits: [-10, 10]
fixed: 0
desc: model velocity in km/s
value: 209
limits: [0, 500]
fixed: 0
desc: transition radius
value: 4
limits: [1, 12]
fixed: 0
#This section is for parameters of the model which are not fitted
conf model:
sig: 40
slope: 0
psfx: 3.5
psfz: 49
smooth: 0
#Selection the 'model' wanted, the 'method' and others things about the running of the program
config fit:
model: flat
method: mpfit
verbose: False
#parameters about PyMultiNest running
nbp: 0
plt stats: False
plt xy: True
velocity model: flat
flux model: exp with characteristic radius 4 pixels
x y pa incl vs vm rd sig0 fwhm smooth oversample rtrunc
15.0 15.0 0.0 45.0 0.0 200.0 4.0 40.0 3.5 0.0 5.0 8.0
# name
### What is it?
**GalKin: Galactic Kinematic**, fit a velocity model from observed velocity field of galaxy.
**GalKin: Galaxy Kinematic**, fit a velocity model from observed velocity field of galaxy.
### Model
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