Commit 00d6eaad authored by  Hector Salas's avatar Hector Salas
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Add intprops and extprops property to BestResultManager class

parent fda2ce6e
......@@ -127,11 +127,15 @@ class BestResultsManager(object):
self.obs = models.obs
self.nbands = len(models.obs.bands)
self.nobs = len(models.obs)
self.nintprops = len(models.obs.intprops)
self.nextprops = len(models.obs.extprops)
self.propertiesnames = models.allpropertiesnames
self.massproportional = models.massproportional
self.nproperties = len(models.allpropertiesnames)
self._fluxes_shape = (self.nobs, self.nbands)
self._intprops_shape = (self.nobs, self.nintprops)
self._extprops_shape = (self.nobs, self.nextprops)
self._properties_shape = (self.nobs, self.nproperties)
# Arrays where we store the data related to the models. For memory
......@@ -140,6 +144,8 @@ class BestResultsManager(object):
# important that there is no conflict and that two different workers do
# not write on the same section.
self._fluxes = SharedArray(self._fluxes_shape)
self._intprops = SharedArray(self._intprops_shape)
self._extprops = SharedArray(self._extprops_shape)
self._properties = SharedArray(self._properties_shape)
self._chi2 = SharedArray(self.nobs)
# We store the index as a float to work around python issue #10746
......@@ -153,6 +159,22 @@ class BestResultsManager(object):
def intprops(self):
"""Returns a shared array containing the fluxes of the best fit for
each observation.
def extprops(self):
"""Returns a shared array containing the fluxes of the best fit for
each observation.
def properties(self):
"""Returns a shared array containing the physical properties of the
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