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Plot the results from the mock analysis automatically (good for GAzPAR)

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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2015 Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
# Licensed under the CeCILL-v2 licence - see Licence_CeCILL_V2-en.txt
# Author: Denis Burgarella
import argparse
from itertools import product, repeat
from collections import OrderedDict
from astropy.table import Table, join
import matplotlib
from matplotlib.backends.backend_pdf import PdfPages
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import multiprocessing as mp
import numpy as np
import os
import pkg_resources
from scipy.constants import c
from scipy import stats
from import Database
from pcigale.utils import read_table
from pcigale.session.configuration import Configuration
import matplotlib.gridspec as gridspec
__version__ = "0.1-alpha"
# Name of the file containing the best models information
BEST_MODEL_FILE = "best_models.txt"
MOCK_OUTPUT_FILE = "analysis_mock_results.txt"
# Directory where the output files are stored
OUT_DIR = "out/"
def worker(best_model, mock_output, mock_params, NRows, NCols, nologo):
"""Plot the diagnostic diagrammes from the mock analysis
best_model: Table row
Data from the input best_model file.
mock_output: Table row
Data from the out analysis of the mock catalogue
mock_params: Table row
Name of the parameter analysed that we want to plot
NRows: Integer
How many rows per page?
NCols: Integer
How many columns per page?
nologo: boolean
Do not add the logo when set to true.
id_best = best_model['observation_id']
id_mock = mock_output['observation_id']
if (len(id_best)>0 and len(id_mock)>0):
joined_table = join(left=best_model,right=mock_output,
table_names=['Best', 'Mock'],
print("*** WARNING ***: No object found in {} or {}."
NParams = len(mock_params)
if NParams <=0:
print("*** WARNING ***: No analysed parameter found ")
NPages = int(np.ceil(NParams / float(NRows*NCols)))
#print(NRows, NCols, NPages, NParams)
with PdfPages(OUT_DIR + 'mock.pdf') as pdf:
for Page in range(NPages):
fig = plt.figure()
plt.suptitle('Page '+str(Page))
gs = gridspec.GridSpec(NRows, NCols)
minParam = Page*NRows*NCols
maxParam = Page*NRows*NCols+NRows*NCols
for Param in enumerate(mock_params[minParam: maxParam]):
# We exclude outliers
mean_x = np.mean(best_model[Param[1]])
std_x = np.std(best_model[Param[1]])
if std_x > 0.:
mask = np.logical_and(mock_output[Param[1]] > mean_x-5.*std_x,
mock_output[Param[1]] < mean_x+5.*std_x
PercentExcluded = 100*(1.-np.sum(mask)/len(best_model[Param[1]]))
mask = True
PercentExcluded = 0.0
# We compute the linear regression (excludind outliers)
if (np.min(best_model[Param[1]]) < np.max(best_model[Param[1]])):
slope, intercept, r_value, p_value, std_err = stats.linregress(
best_model[Param[1]][mask], mock_output[Param[1]][mask])
if p_value < 0.001:
p_value = 0.001
ax = fig.add_subplot(gs[Param[0]])
ax.errorbar(best_model[Param[1]][mask], mock_output[Param[1]][mask],
label=Param[1]+'\n'+ str("%.1f" % PercentExcluded+'% of outliers ($> 5\sigma$)'),
color='k', linestyle='None', capsize=0.)
ax.errorbar(best_model[Param[1]], best_model[Param[1]],
color='r', linestyle='-', label='1-to-1')
ax.errorbar(best_model[Param[1]], slope*best_model[Param[1]]+intercept,
color='b', linestyle='-',
label='best-fit'+' $r^2$ = '+ str("%.2f" % np.square(r_value))+', outliers not used')
ax.set_xlabel('Input', fontsize=10)
ax.set_ylabel('Output', fontsize=10)
ax.yaxis.labelpad = 0
if NRows > 2:
font_size = 4
font_size = 6
ax.legend(fontsize=font_size, loc='best', fancybox=True, framealpha=0.5, numpoints=1)
ax.tick_params(axis='x', labelsize=8)
ax.tick_params(axis='y', labelsize=8)
if nologo is False:
image = plt.imread(pkg_resources.resource_filename(__name__,
# Where do we plot CIGALE's logo?
if NRows == 1:
x0 = 225
y0 = 380
elif NRows == 2:
x0 = 300
y0 = 525
x0 = 320
y0 = 525
fig.figimage(image, x0, y0, origin='upper', zorder=10,
pdf.savefig() # saves the current figure into a pdf page
def mock(config, NRowsNCols, nologo):
"""Plot the comparison of input/output values of analysed variables.
if os.path.isfile(OUT_DIR + BEST_MODEL_FILE):
input = + BEST_MODEL_FILE, format='ascii')
print("*** WARNING ***: No best model file found {}: error."
if os.path.isfile(OUT_DIR + MOCK_OUTPUT_FILE):
output = + MOCK_OUTPUT_FILE, format='ascii')
print("*** WARNING ***: No best model file found {}."
analysed_params = config.configuration['analysis_method_params']
mock_params = (analysed_params['analysed_variables'])
NRows = NRowsNCols
NCols = NRowsNCols
worker(input, output, mock_params, NRows, NCols, nologo)
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Create diagnotic plots for CIGALE')
parser.add_argument('--NRowsNCols', type=int, default='2',
help='How many columns/rows (1/1 or 2/2) per page in the mosaic?')
parser.add_argument('--nologo', action="store_true",
help='if you do not want the CIGALE logo in the figure')
args = parser.parse_args()
config = Configuration()
mock(config, args.NRowsNCols, args.nologo)
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