Commit 27ff7a4a authored by Médéric Boquien's avatar Médéric Boquien
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Remove the turn-off mass. It makes no sense for a composite population.

parent 008d0f1a
......@@ -191,8 +191,10 @@ def build_m2005(base):
raise ValueError('Unknown IMF!!!')
# Keep only the actual metallicity values in the mass table
# we don't take the first column which contains metallicity
mass_table = mass_table[1:, mass_table[0] == metallicity]
# we don't take the first column which contains metallicity.
# We also eliminate the turn-off mas which makes no send for composite
# populations.
mass_table = mass_table[1:7, mass_table[0] == metallicity]
# Interpolate the mass table over the new age grid. We multiply per
# 1000 because the time in Maraston files is given in Gyr.
......@@ -27,16 +27,15 @@ class M2005(CreationModule):
Information added to the SED:
- imf, metallicity, galaxy_age
- mass_total, mass_alive, mass_white_dwarf,mass_neutron,
mass_black_hole, mass_turn_off: stellar masses in solar mass.
mass_black_hole: stellar masses in solar mass.
- age: age of the oldest stars in the galaxy.
- old_young_separation_age: age (in Myr) separating the young and the
old star populations (if 0, there is only one population)
- mass_total_old, mass_alive_old, mass_white_dwarf_old,
mass_neutron_old, mass_black_hole_old, mass_turn_off_old: old
star population masses.
mass_neutron_old, mass_black_hole_old, : old star population masses.
- mass_total_young, mass_alive_young, mass_white_dwarf_young,
mass_neutron_young, mass_black_hole_young, mass_turn_off_young:
young star population masses.
mass_neutron_young, mass_black_hole_young: young star population
......@@ -70,7 +69,6 @@ class M2005(CreationModule):
('mass_white_dwarf', 'Mass of white dwarf stars in solar mass.'),
('mass_neutron', 'Mass of neutron stars in solar mass.'),
('mass_black_hole', 'Mass of black holes in solar mass.'),
('mass_turn_off', 'Mass in the turn-off in solar mass.'),
('old_young_separation_age', 'Age (in Myr) separating the old and '
'the young star populations (0 if there '
'is only one population).'),
......@@ -84,8 +82,6 @@ class M2005(CreationModule):
'(old population).'),
('mass_black_hole_old', 'Mass of black holes in solar mass '
'(old population).'),
('mass_turn_off_old', 'Mass in the turn-off in solar mass '
'(old population).'),
('mass_total_young', 'Total stellar mass of the young population '
'in solar mass.'),
('mass_alive_young', 'Mass of alive stars in solar mass '
......@@ -95,9 +91,7 @@ class M2005(CreationModule):
('mass_neutron_young', 'Mass of neutron stars in solar mass '
'(young population).'),
('mass_black_hole_young', 'Mass of black holes in solar mass '
'(young population).'),
('mass_turn_off_young', 'Mass in the turn-off in solar mass '
'(young population).')
'(young population).')
def _init_code(self):
......@@ -151,14 +145,12 @@ class M2005(CreationModule):
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_white_dwarf_old', old_masses[2], True)
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_neutron_old', old_masses[3], True)
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_black_hole_old', old_masses[4], True)
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_turn_off_old', old_masses[5], True)
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_total_young', young_masses[0], True)
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_alive_young', young_masses[1], True)
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_white_dwarf_young', young_masses[2], True)
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_neutron_young', young_masses[3], True)
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_black_hole_young', young_masses[4], True)
sed.add_info('stellar.mass_turn_off_young', young_masses[5], True)
old_masses[0] + young_masses[0], True)
......@@ -170,8 +162,6 @@ class M2005(CreationModule):
old_masses[3] + young_masses[3], True)
old_masses[4] + young_masses[4], True)
old_masses[5] + young_masses[5], True)
sed.add_info("galaxy_mass", 1., True)
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