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New attenuation module (dustatt_2powerlaws)

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......@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@
- It is now possible to pass the parameters of the models to be computed from a file rather than having to indicate them in pcigale.ini. This means that the models do not necessarily need to be computed on a systematic grid of parameters. The name of the file is passed as an argument to the parameters\_file keyword in pcigale.ini. If this is done, the creation\_modules argument is ignored. Finally, the file must be formatted as following: each row is a different model and each column a different parameter. They must follow the naming scheme: module\_name.parameter\_name, that is "bc03.imf" for instance. (Médéric Boquien)
- Addition of the schreiber2016 SED creation module implementing the Schreiber et al. (2016) dust models. (Laure Ciesla)
- The physical parameters provided in pcigale.ini were not checked at startup against what the modules could accept. This could lead to a runtime crash if an unexpected value was passed to the module. Now the parameters are checked at startup. If an issue is found, it is indicated and the user is asked to fix it before launching cigale again. The validation file is build at the same time as pcigale.ini. (Médéric Boquien)
- There is a new attenuation module (`dustatt_2powerlaws`) based on a double power
law: a birth cloud power law applied only to the young star population and
an ISM power law applied to both the young and the old star population.
### Changed
- The estimates of the physical parameters from the analysis of the PDF and from the best fit were recorded in separate files. This can be bothersome when trying to compare quantities from different files. Rather, we generate a single file containing all quantities. The ones estimated from the analysis of the PDF are prefixed with "bayes" and the ones from the best fit with "best". (Médéric Boquien)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2013-2015 Centre de données Astrophysiques de Marseille
# Copyright (C) 2014 Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
# Licensed under the CeCILL-v2 licence - see Licence_CeCILL_V2-en.txt
# Author: Yannick Roehlly, Véronique Buat, Denis Burgarella, Barabara Lo Faro
Double power law attenuation module
This module implements an attenuation law combining the birth cloud (BC)
attenuation and the interstellar medium (ISM) attenuation, each one modelled by
a power law. The young star emission is attenuated by the BC and the ISM
attenuations whereas the old star emission is only affected by the ISM.
Parameters available for analysis
- attenuation.Av_BC: Av attenuation in the birth clouds
- attenuation.slope_BC: Slope of the power law in the birth clouds
- attenuation.BC_to_ISM_factor: Av in the ISM / Av in birth clouds
- attenuation.slope_ISM: Slope of the power law in the ISM
- attenuation.<NAME>: amount of total attenuation in the luminosity
contribution <NAME>
- attenuation.<FILTER>: total attenuation in the filter
from collections import OrderedDict
import numpy as np
from . import SedModule
def power_law(wavelength, delta):
"""Compute the power law (λ / λv)^δ
wavelength: array of float
Wavelength grid in nm.
delta: float
Power law slope.
a numpy array of floats
wave = np.array(wavelength)
return (wave / 550) ** delta
def alambda_av(wavelengths, delta, delta_sec=None, factor=None):
"""Compute the complete attenuation curve A(λ)/Av
The attenuation curve is a power law (λ / λv) ** δ. If a factor and
a second delta are given, another power law is added multiplied by the
given factor. For instance, for the young star population the delta will
be the slope of the birth cloud attenuation and the delta_sec will be the
slope of the ISM attenuation.
The Lyman continuum is not attenuated.
wavelengths: array of floats
The wavelength grid (in nm) to compute the attenuation curve on.
delta: float
Slope of the main power law.
delta_sec: float
Slope of the secondary power law.
factor: float
Factor by which the secondary power law is multiplied before being
added to the main one.
attenuation: array of floats
The A(λ)/Av attenuation at each wavelength of the grid.
wave = np.array(wavelengths)
attenuation = power_law(wave, delta)
if factor:
attenuation += factor * power_law(wave, delta_sec)
# Lyman continuum not attenuated.
attenuation[wave <= 91.2] = 0.
return attenuation
class TwoPowerLawAtt(SedModule):
"""Two power laws attenuation module
Attenuation module combining the birth cloud (BC) attenuation and the
interstellar medium (ISM) one.
The attenuation can be computed on the whole spectrum or on a specific
contribution and is added to the SED as a negative contribution.
parameter_list = OrderedDict([
("Av_BC", (
"V-band attenuation in the birth clouds.",
("slope_BC", (
"Power law slope of the attenuation in the birth clouds.",
("BC_to_ISM_factor", (
"cigale_list(minvalue=0., maxvalue=1.)",
"Av ISM / Av BC (<1).",
("slope_ISM", (
"Power law slope of the attenuation in the ISM.",
("filters", (
"Filters for which the attenuation will be computed and added to "
"the SED information dictionary. You can give several filter "
"names separated by a & (don't use commas).",
"V_B90 & FUV"
def _init_code(self):
self.Av_BC = float(self.parameters['Av_BC'])
self.slope_BC = float(self.parameters['slope_BC'])
self.BC_to_ISM_factor = float(self.parameters['BC_to_ISM_factor'])
self.slope_ISM = float(self.parameters['slope_ISM'])
self.filter_list = [item.strip() for item in
def process(self, sed):
"""Add the dust attenuation to the SED.
sed: pcigale.sed.SED object
def ism_lumin_attenuation(wave):
"""Compute the luminosity attenuation factor for the ISM"""
return 10 ** (self.Av_BC * self.BC_to_ISM_factor *
alambda_av(wave, self.slope_ISM) / -2.5)
def bc_ism_lumin_attenuation(wave):
"""Compute the luminosity attenuation factor for ISM + BC"""
return 10 ** (self.Av_BC *
alambda_av(wave, self.slope_BC, self.slope_ISM,
self.BC_to_ISM_factor) / -2.5)
wavelength = sed.wavelength_grid
# Fλ fluxes in each filter before attenuation.
flux_noatt = {filt: sed.compute_fnu(filt) for filt in self.filter_list}
attenuation_total = 0.
contribs = [contrib for contrib in sed.contribution_names if
'absorption' not in contrib]
for contrib in contribs:
age = contrib.split('.')[-1].split('_')[-1]
luminosity = sed.get_lumin_contribution(contrib)
# Use the ISM attenuation unless we are dealing with young
# populations.
if age == 'young':
extinction_factor = bc_ism_lumin_attenuation(wavelength)
extinction_factor = ism_lumin_attenuation(wavelength)
attenuated_luminosity = luminosity * extinction_factor
attenuation_spectrum = attenuated_luminosity - luminosity
# We integrate the amount of luminosity attenuated (-1 because the
# spectrum is negative).
attenuation = -1 * np.trapz(attenuation_spectrum, wavelength)
attenuation_total += attenuation
sed.add_module(, self.parameters)
sed.add_info("attenuation." + contrib, attenuation, True)
sed.add_contribution("attenuation." + contrib, wavelength,
sed.add_info('attenuation.Av_BC', self.Av_BC)
sed.add_info('attenuation.slope_BC', self.slope_BC)
sed.add_info('attenuation.BC_to_ISM_factor', self.BC_to_ISM_factor)
sed.add_info('attenuation.slope_ISM', self.slope_ISM)
# Total attenuation
if 'dust.luminosity' in
sed.add_info("dust.luminosity",["dust.luminosity"]+attenuation_total, True,
sed.add_info("dust.luminosity", attenuation_total, True)
# Fλ fluxes (only in continuum) in each filter after attenuation.
flux_att = {filt: sed.compute_fnu(filt) for filt in self.filter_list}
# Attenuation in each filter
for filt in self.filter_list:
sed.add_info("attenuation." + filt,
-2.5 * np.log10(flux_att[filt] / flux_noatt[filt]))
# CreationModule to be returned by get_module
Module = TwoPowerLawAtt
......@@ -93,7 +93,8 @@ class Configuration(object):
["SFH: sfh2exp, sfhdelayed, sfhfromfile, sfhperiodic"] +
["SSP: bc03, m2005"] +
["Nebular emission: nebular"] +
["Dust attenuation: dustatt_calzleit, dustatt_powerlaw"] +
["Dust attenuation: dustatt_calzleit, dustatt_powerlaw, "
"dustatt_2powerlaws"] +
["Dust emission: casey2012, dale2014, dl2007, dl2014"] +
["AGN: dale2014, fritz2006"] +
["Radio: radio"] +
......@@ -249,7 +250,8 @@ class Configuration(object):
('SSP', ['bc03', 'm2005']),
('nebular', ['nebular']),
('dust attenuation', ['dustatt_calzleit',
('dust emission', ['casey2012', 'dale2014',
'dl2007', 'dl2014']),
('AGN', ['dale2014', 'fritz2006']),
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