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Use more a more compact variable name and get rid of aliases.

parent 768ffa71
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ def dchi2_over_ds2(s, obs_values, obs_errors, mod_values):
return func
def _compute_scaling(model_fluxes, model_propsmass, observation):
def _compute_scaling(model_fluxes, model_propsmass, obs):
"""Compute the scaling factor to be applied to the model fluxes to best fit
the observations. Note that we look over the bands to avoid the creation of
an array of the same size as the model_fluxes array. Because we loop on the
......@@ -132,34 +132,29 @@ def _compute_scaling(model_fluxes, model_propsmass, observation):
Fluxes of the models
model_propsmass: array
Extensive properties of the models to be fitted
observation: Class
Class instance containing the fluxes, intensive properties, extensive
properties and their errors, for a sigle observation.
obs: Observation class instance
Contains the fluxes, intensive properties, extensive properties and
their errors, for a sigle observation.
scaling: array
Scaling factors minimising the χ²
obs_fluxes = observation.fluxes
obs_fluxes_err = observation.fluxes_err
obs_propsmass = observation.extprops
obs_propsmass_err = observation.extprops_err
num = np.zeros(model_fluxes.shape[1])
denom = np.zeros(model_fluxes.shape[1])
for i in range(obs_fluxes.size):
if np.isfinite(obs_fluxes[i]) and obs_fluxes_err[i] > 0.:
num += model_fluxes[i, :] * (obs_fluxes[i] / (obs_fluxes_err[i] *
denom += np.square(model_fluxes[i, :] * (1./obs_fluxes_err[i]))
for i in range(obs_propsmass.size):
if np.isfinite(obs_propsmass[i]) and obs_propsmass_err[i] > 0.:
num += model_propsmass[i, :] * (obs_propsmass[i] /
(obs_propsmass_err[i] *
for i in range(obs.fluxes.size):
if np.isfinite(obs.fluxes[i]) and obs.fluxes_err[i] > 0.:
num += model_fluxes[i, :] * (obs.fluxes[i] / (obs.fluxes_err[i] *
denom += np.square(model_fluxes[i, :] * (1./obs.fluxes_err[i]))
for i in range(obs.extprops.size):
if np.isfinite(obs.extprops[i]) and obs.extprops_err[i] > 0.:
num += model_propsmass[i, :] * (obs.extprops[i] /
(obs.extprops_err[i] *
denom += np.square(model_propsmass[i, :] *
return num/denom
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