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Draw the filters in order of increasing wavelength in order to avoid artefacts.

parent 3fc74583
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
### Fixed
- Corrected a typo that prevented `restframe\_parameters` from being listed among the available modules. (Médéric Boquien)
- The filters in the residual plot of `pcigale-plots sed` are now drawn in order of increasing wavelength so that the line joining all the filters does not make loops. (Médéric Boquien)
### Optimised
- The cache architecture has been simplified, making it somewhat faster. It speeds up the model generation by ~1%. (Médéric Boquien)
......@@ -234,6 +234,11 @@ def _sed_worker(obs, mod, filters, sed_type, nologo):
linestyle='-', linewidth=1.5)
s = np.argsort(filters_wl)
filters_wl = filters_wl[s]
mod_fluxes = mod_fluxes[s]
obs_fluxes = obs_fluxes[s]
obs_fluxes_err = obs_fluxes_err[s]
ax1.scatter(filters_wl, mod_fluxes, marker='o', color='r', s=8,
zorder=3, label="Model fluxes")
mask_ok = np.logical_and(obs_fluxes > 0., obs_fluxes_err > 0.)
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