Commit 5cced935 authored by Médéric Boquien's avatar Médéric Boquien
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We save Lλ, not Fλ. Give a relevant name for the table. Fixes issue #4 reported by Yannick Roehlly.

parent e7f9b698
...@@ -38,23 +38,23 @@ def save_sed_to_vo(sed, filename, norm=1.): ...@@ -38,23 +38,23 @@ def save_sed_to_vo(sed, filename, norm=1.):
fnu_table.array["wavelength"] = sed.wavelength_grid fnu_table.array["wavelength"] = sed.wavelength_grid
fnu_table.array["F_nu"] = norm * sed.fnu fnu_table.array["F_nu"] = norm * sed.fnu
# F_lambda contributions and total # L_lambda contributions and total
flambda_table = Table(votable, name="Flambda", id="Flambda") Llambda_table = Table(votable, name="Llambda", id="Llambda")
spectra_resource.tables.append(flambda_table) spectra_resource.tables.append(Llambda_table)
flambda_fields = [ Llambda_fields = [
Field(votable, name="wavelength", datatype="double", unit="nm", Field(votable, name="wavelength", datatype="double", unit="nm",
ucd="em.wl"), ucd="em.wl"),
Field(votable, name="F_lambda_total", datatype="double", unit="W/nm", Field(votable, name="L_lambda_total", datatype="double", unit="W/nm",
ucd="phot.flux")] ucd="phot.flux")]
for name in sed.contribution_names: for name in sed.contribution_names:
flambda_fields.append(Field(votable, name=name, datatype="double", Llambda_fields.append(Field(votable, name=name, datatype="double",
unit="W/nm", ucd="phot.flux")) unit="W/nm", ucd="phot.flux"))
flambda_table.fields.extend(flambda_fields) Llambda_table.fields.extend(Llambda_fields)
flambda_table.create_arrays(len(sed.wavelength_grid)) Llambda_table.create_arrays(len(sed.wavelength_grid))
flambda_table.array["wavelength"] = sed.wavelength_grid Llambda_table.array["wavelength"] = sed.wavelength_grid
flambda_table.array["F_lambda_total"] = norm * sed.luminosity Llambda_table.array["L_lambda_total"] = norm * sed.luminosity
for name in sed.contribution_names: for name in sed.contribution_names:
flambda_table.array[name] = norm * sed.get_lumin_contribution(name) Llambda_table.array[name] = norm * sed.get_lumin_contribution(name)
if sed.sfh is not None: if sed.sfh is not None:
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