Commit 6d2cc094 authored by BURGARELLA Denis's avatar BURGARELLA Denis
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now plots errors on upper limits

parent a10cc2a6
......@@ -233,16 +233,16 @@ def _sed_worker(obs, mod, filters, sed_type, nologo):
obs_fluxes_err > -9990. * k_corr_SED)
if not mask_uplim.any() == False:
ax1.errorbar(filters_wl[mask_uplim], obs_fluxes[mask_uplim],
uplims=obs_fluxes_err[mask_uplim], ls='',
yerr=obs_fluxes_err[mask_uplim]*3, ls='',
marker='v', label='Observed upper limits',
markerfacecolor='None', markersize=6,
markeredgecolor='b', capsize=0.)
markeredgecolor='g', capsize=0.)
mask_noerr = np.logical_and(obs_fluxes > 0.,
obs_fluxes_err < -9990. * k_corr_SED)
if not mask_noerr.any() == False:
ax1.errorbar(filters_wl[mask_noerr], obs_fluxes[mask_noerr],
ls='', marker='s', markerfacecolor='None',
markersize=6, markeredgecolor='g',
markersize=6, markeredgecolor='r',
label='Observed fluxes, no errors', capsize=0.)
mask = np.where(obs_fluxes > 0.)
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