Commit 6f4be909 authored by  Hector Salas's avatar Hector Salas
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modify to use get_info from utils, add intprops and extprops...

modify to use get_info from utils, add intprops and extprops property to ModelsManager class
parent 1e53c834
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ class ModelsManager(object):
self.block = params.blocks[iblock]
self.propertiesnames = conf['analysis_params']['variables']
self.allpropertiesnames, self.massproportional = self._get_info()
self.allpropertiesnames, self.massproportional = get_info(self)
self._fluxes = SharedArray((len(self.obs.bands), len(self.block)))
self._properties = SharedArray((len(self.propertiesnames),
......@@ -57,14 +57,17 @@ class ModelsManager(object):
def _get_info(self):
warehouse = SedWarehouse()
sed = warehouse.get_sed(self.conf['sed_modules'],
info = list(
def intprops(self):
"""Returns a shared array containing the intensive properties to fit.
return (info, sed.mass_proportional_info)
def extprops(self):
"""Returns a shared array containing the extensive properties to fit.
def save(self, filename):
"""Save the fluxes and properties of all the models into a table.
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