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Add observations class to

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......@@ -25,6 +25,23 @@ class ObservationsManager(object):
return ObservationsManagerVirtual(config, **kwargs)
class Observation(object):
"""Class to take one row of the observations table and extract the list of
fluxes, intensive properties, extensive properties and their errors, that
are going to be considered in the fit.
def __init__(self, row, cls):
self.redshift = row['redshift']
self.fluxes = np.array([row[band] for band in cls.bands])
self.fluxes_err = np.array([row[band + '_err'] for band in cls.bands])
self.intprops = np.array([row[prop] for prop in cls.intprops])
self.intprops_err = np.array([row[prop + '_err'] for prop in
self.extprops = np.array([row[prop] for prop in cls.extprops])
self.extprops_err = np.array([row[prop + '_err'] for prop in
class ObservationsManagerPassbands(object):
"""Class to generate a manager for data files providing fluxes in
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