Commit 7eea2752 authored by Rodrigo González-Castillo's avatar Rodrigo González-Castillo
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Styling plot: Set tick to be inside. Minor changes in labels.

parent a862f5b5
......@@ -283,6 +283,9 @@ def _sed_worker(obs, mod, filters, sed_type, logo, xrange, yrange, series, forma
ax1.tick_params(direction='in', axis='both', which='both', top=True, left=True, right=True, bottom=False)
ax2.tick_params(direction='in', axis='both', which='both', right=True)
figure.subplots_adjust(hspace=0., wspace=0.)
ax1.set_xlim(xmin, xmax)
......@@ -318,11 +321,11 @@ def _sed_worker(obs, mod, filters, sed_type, logo, xrange, yrange, series, forma
ax1.set_ylabel("Luminosity [W]")
ax2.set_ylabel("Relative residual luminosity")
ax2.set_xlabel("Observed wavelength [$\mu$m]")
ax1.set_ylabel("Flux [mJy]")
ax2.set_ylabel("Relative residual flux")
ax1.legend(fontsize=6, loc='best', fancybox=True, framealpha=0.5)
ax2.legend(fontsize=6, loc='best', fancybox=True, framealpha=0.5)
ax2.set_xlabel("Observed $\lambda$ ($\mu$m)")
ax1.set_ylabel("S$_\\nu$ (mJy)")
ax2.set_ylabel("Relative residual S$_\\nu$")
ax1.legend(fontsize=6, loc='best', frameon=False)#, fancybox=True, framealpha=0.5)
ax2.legend(fontsize=6, loc='best', frameon=False)#, fancybox=True, framealpha=0.5)
plt.setp(ax1.get_xticklabels(), visible=False)
plt.setp(ax1.get_yticklabels()[1], visible=False)
figure.suptitle("Best model for {} at z = {}. Reduced $\chi^2$={}".
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