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Maximise the CPU cache hit rate with computing the χ² by storing contiguously...

Maximise the CPU cache hit rate with computing the χ² by storing contiguously all the models at a given redshift.
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......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
### Optimised
- Slight speedup of the computation of the likelihood from the χ² (Médéric Boquien)
- Speedup of the computation of the χ² by ~10% (Médéric Boquien)
- Thanks to a change in the layout of the models storage in RAM, the computation of the χ² is now massively faster when the run contains multiple redshifts. (Médéric Boquien)
- The the fritz2006 module should now run faster thanks to an optimisation of the computation of the luminosity of the various AGN components (Médéric Boquien & Guang Yang)
## 2018.0 (2018-11-06)
......@@ -103,6 +103,9 @@ def sed(idx, midx):
sed = gbl_warehouse.get_sed(gbl_models.params.modules,
# The redshift is the fastest varying variable but we want to store it
# as the slowest one so that models at a given redshift are contiguous
idx = (idx % * gbl_models.nm + idx //
if 'sfh.age' in and['sfh.age'] >['universe.age']:
for band in gbl_models.flux:
gbl_models.flux[band][idx] = np.nan
......@@ -117,10 +120,11 @@ def sed(idx, midx):
gbl_models.extprop[prop][idx] =[prop]
for prop in gbl_models.intprop:
gbl_models.intprop[prop][idx] =[prop]
gbl_models.index[idx] = midx
def analysis(idx, obs):
"""Worker process to analyse the PDF and estimate parameters values and
store them in an instance of ResultsManager.
......@@ -141,8 +145,10 @@ def analysis(idx, obs):
# work on views of the arrays and not on copies to save on RAM.
z = np.array(
wz = slice(np.abs(obs.redshift-z).argmin(), None, z.size)
corr_dz = compute_corr_dz(z[wz.start], obs)
length = gbl_models.nm
zidx = np.abs(obs.redshift-z).argmin()
wz = slice(zidx * length, (zidx + 1) * length, 1)
corr_dz = compute_corr_dz(z[zidx], obs)
else: # We do not know the redshift so we use the full grid
wz = slice(0, None, 1)
corr_dz = 1.
......@@ -205,8 +211,7 @@ def analysis(idx, obs):
best_idx_z = np.nanargmin(chi2)[idx] = chi2[best_idx_z][idx] = scaling[best_idx_z][idx] = (wz.start + best_idx_z*wz.step +
gbl_models.block.start)[idx] = gbl_models.index[wz][best_idx_z]
......@@ -41,11 +41,16 @@ class ModelsManager(object):
bandnames = set(obs.bands+conf['analysis_params']['bands'])
bandnames = obs.bands
size = len(params.blocks[iblock])
if conf['parameters_file'] is "": = len(conf['sed_modules_params']['redshifting']['redshift'])
self.nm = size //
self.flux = {band: SharedArray(size) for band in bandnames}
self.intprop = {prop: SharedArray(size) for prop in self.intpropnames}
self.extprop = {prop: SharedArray(size) for prop in self.extpropnames}
self.index = SharedArray(size)
def save(self, filename):
"""Save the fluxes and properties of all the models into a table.
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