Commit 9e47749b authored by Médéric Boquien's avatar Médéric Boquien
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I thought I had not saved this changed. Oops.

parent 7a5dcedc
......@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ def build_dale2014(base):
alpha_grid = d14cal[:, 1]
# Getting the lambda grid for the templates and convert from microns to nm.
first_template = np.genfromtxt(dale2014_dir + 'spectra.0.00AGN.DL07grid.dat')
first_template = np.genfromtxt(dale2014_dir + 'spectra.0.00AGN.dat')
wave = first_template[:, 0] * 1E3
# Getting the stellar emission and interpolate it at the same wavelength
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