Commit ac38dd23 authored by Yannick Roehlly's avatar Yannick Roehlly
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Correct '_log' stripping in variable names

parent 3ace8b67
......@@ -126,8 +126,9 @@ class PdfAnalysis(AnalysisModule):
# Initalise variables from input arguments.
analysed_variables = config["analysed_variables"]
analysed_variables_nolog = [''.join(variable.rsplit('_log', 1)) for
variable in analysed_variables]
analysed_variables_nolog = [variable[:-4] if variable.endswith('_log')
else variable for variable in
n_variables = len(analysed_variables)
save = {key: config["save_{}".format(key)].lower() == "true"
for key in ["best_sed", "chi2", "pdf"]}
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