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Bump to version 0.11.0 in preparation for release.

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# Change Log
## Unreleased
## 0.11.0 (2017-02-10)
### Added
- The stellar mass-weighted age is now provided. This is a much more usual measure of the age than the age of the oldest star. This is accessible with the `stellar.age_m_star` keyword in the `bc03` module with with the `stellar.age_mass` keyword in the `m2005` module. (Médéric Boquien)
- The nebular models have been expanded from log U=-3 to log U=-4. (Médéric Boquien & Akio Inoue)
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ entry_points = {
install_requires=['numpy', 'scipy', 'sqlalchemy', 'matplotlib',
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