Commit b6c85bed authored by Yannick Roehlly's avatar Yannick Roehlly
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Slight change to filter integration

If the SED is redshifted, apply the redshift before checking the
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......@@ -359,21 +359,22 @@ class SED(object):
The integrated Fν density in mJy.
# Filter limits
lambda_min = min(transmission[0])
lambda_max = max(transmission[0])
# FIXME Shouldn't it be the reverse
if ((min(self.wavelength_grid) > lambda_min) or
(max(self.wavelength_grid) < lambda_max)):
f_nu = -99.
wavelength = self.wavelength_grid
l_lambda = self.luminosity
if apply_redshift:
wavelength, l_lambda = utils.redshift_lambda_l_lambda(
(wavelength, l_lambda), redshift)
# Test if the spectrum cover all the filter extend
if ((min(self.wavelength_grid) > lambda_min) or
(max(self.wavelength_grid) < lambda_max)):
f_nu = -99.
# We regrid both spectrum and filter to the best wavelength grid
# to avoid interpolating a high wavelength density curve to a low
# density one. Also, we limit the work wavelength domain to the
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