Commit bce2582f authored by Yannick Roehlly's avatar Yannick Roehlly
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Change the way configuration parameters are evaluated

parent 6f2e164a
......@@ -48,8 +48,9 @@ def evaluate_description(description):
- If the description is a string beginning with 'eval ', then its content
(without 'eval ') is evaluated as Python code and its result returned.
An array is expected.
- If the description is a list beginning by 'range', the start, step and
stop values are then expected and the range is evaluated.
- If the description is a string beginning by 'range', the start, step and
stop values are then expected and the range is evaluated (stop included
if reached.
- Then the function tries to evaluate the description as a Numpy array of
float and returns the mere list if this fails.
......@@ -64,25 +65,28 @@ def evaluate_description(description):
The evaluated list of values.
if not type(description) == list:
description = [description]
if description[0].startswith('eval '):
results = eval(description[0][4:])
results = description
if type(description) == str:
if description.startswith('eval '):
results = eval(description[4:])
# If the evaluation lead to a single value, we put it in a list.
if not isinstance(results, collections.Iterable):
results = [results]
elif description[0] == 'range':
start = float(description[1])
step = float(description[2])
stop = float(description[3])
results = np.arange(start, stop, step, float)
elif description.startswith('range '):
start, stop, step = [float(item) for item
in description[5:].split()]
results = np.arange(start, stop+step, step)
# We need to return a list to combine the list of possible values
# for each parameter.
results = [results]
# We prefer to evaluate the parameter as a numpy array of floats if
# possible.
results = np.array(description, float)
results = np.array(results, float)
except ValueError:
results = description
return results
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