Commit be1c469b authored by Médéric Boquien's avatar Médéric Boquien

Resample the m2005 stellar models at long wavelengths. The reason is that as...

Resample the m2005 stellar models at long wavelengths. The reason is that as the sampling is too sparse, the linear interpolation carried out in cigale creates waves that are not only disgracious but that also artificially boost the broadband fluxes flux. Patch based on previous commit that fixed the same issue for the bc03 models.
parent d18498f7
......@@ -226,6 +226,22 @@ def build_m2005(base):
flux_age = np.array(tmp_list)
# To avoid the creation of waves when interpolating, we refine the grid
# beyond 10 μm following a log scale in wavelength. The interpolation
# is also done in log space as the spectrum is power-law-like
lambda_grid_resamp = np.around(np.logspace(np.log10(10000),
np.log10(160000), 50))
argmin = np.argmin(10000.-lambda_grid > 0)-1
flux_age_resamp = 10.**interpolate.interp1d(
np.log10(flux_age[argmin:, :]),
lambda_grid = np.hstack([lambda_grid[:argmin+1], lambda_grid_resamp])
flux_age = np.vstack([flux_age[:argmin+1, :], flux_age_resamp])
# Use Z value for metallicity, not log([Z/H])
metallicity = {-1.35: 0.001,
-0.33: 0.01,
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