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Implementaiton of the Dale+14 model (AGN+SF)

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......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ import numpy as np
from scipy import interpolate
import scipy.constants as cst
from import (Database, Filter, SspM2005, SspBC03, AgnFritz2006,
DALE2014, DL2007)
def read_bc03_ssp(filename):
......@@ -319,6 +319,67 @@ def build_dh2002(base):
def build_dale2014(base):
dh2002_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'dh2002/')
dale2014_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'dale2014/')
# Getting the alpha grid for the templates
d14cal = np.genfromtxt(dh2002_dir + 'dhcal.dat')
alpha_grid = d14cal[:, 1]
# Getting the lambda grid for the templates and convert from microns to nm.
first_template = np.genfromtxt(dale2014_dir + 'spectra.0.00AGN.dat')
wave = first_template[:, 0] * 1E3
# Getting the stellar emission and interpolate it at the same wavelength grid
stell_emission_file = np.genfromtxt(dale2014_dir + 'stellar_SED_age13Gyr_tau10Gyr.spec')
# A -> to nm
wave_stell = stell_emission_file[:,0] * 0.1
# W/A -> W/nm
stell_emission = stell_emission_file[:,1] * 10
stell_emission_interp = np.interp(wave,wave_stell,stell_emission)
# The models are in nuFnu and contain stellar emission.
# We convert this to W/nm and remove the stellar emission.
# Emission from dust heated by SB
fraction = 0.0
filename = dale2014_dir + "spectra.0.00AGN.dat"
print("Importing {}...".format(filename))
datafile = open(filename)
data = "".join(datafile.readlines())
for al in range(1,len(alpha_grid),1):
lumin_with_stell = np.genfromtxt(io.BytesIO(data.encode()), usecols=(al))
lumin_with_stell = pow(10,lumin_with_stell) / wave
constant = lumin_with_stell[7] / stell_emission_interp[7]
lumin = lumin_with_stell - stell_emission_interp * constant
lumin[lumin<0] = 0
lumin[wave<2E3] = 0
norm = np.trapz(lumin, x = wave)
lumin = lumin/norm
base.add_dale2014(DALE2014(fraction, alpha_grid[al-1], wave, lumin))
# Emission from dust heated by AGN - Quasar template
fraction = 1.0
filename = dale2014_dir + "spectra.1.00AGN.dat"
print("Importing {}...".format(filename))
datafile = open(filename)
data = "".join(datafile.readlines())
for al in range(1,len(alpha_grid),1):
lumin_quasar = np.genfromtxt(io.BytesIO(data.encode()), usecols=(al))
lumin_quasar = pow(10,lumin_quasar) / wave
lumin_quasar[lumin_quasar<0] = 0
norm = np.trapz(lumin_quasar, x = wave)
lumin_quasar = lumin_quasar/norm
base.add_dale2014(DALE2014(fraction, alpha_grid[al-1], wave, lumin_quasar))
def build_dl2007(base):
dl2007_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'dl2007/')
......@@ -457,6 +518,11 @@ def build_base():
print('#' * 78)
print("7- Importing Dale et al (2014) templates\n")
print('#' * 78)
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
# Ncomp Npar Nlam
# 2 10 1221
# Mstar[Msol/Msol] SFR[Msol/yr/Msol] age_M[Gyr] age_D4000[Gyr] Z_M tau_oSP[Gyr] age_oSP[Gyr] tau_ySP[Gyr] age_ySP[Gyr] frac_burst
# 0.6012 0.3746E-10 7.8702 0.5620 0.020 10.00 13.0000 0.00 0.0000 0.0000
# lambda[A] flux[(W/A)/Msol] flux_ySP[(W/A)/Msol] flux_oSP[(W/A)/Msol]
0.91000E+02 0.1408E+14 0.0000E+00 0.1408E+14
0.94000E+02 0.3231E+14 0.0000E+00 0.3231E+14
0.96000E+02 0.5447E+14 0.0000E+00 0.5447E+14
0.98000E+02 0.8967E+14 0.0000E+00 0.8967E+14
0.10000E+03 0.1444E+15 0.0000E+00 0.1444E+15
0.10200E+03 0.2280E+15 0.0000E+00 0.2280E+15
0.10400E+03 0.3527E+15 0.0000E+00 0.3527E+15
0.10600E+03 0.5361E+15 0.0000E+00 0.5361E+15
0.10800E+03 0.8008E+15 0.0000E+00 0.8008E+15
0.11000E+03 0.1177E+16 0.0000E+00 0.1177E+16
0.11400E+03 0.2430E+16 0.0000E+00 0.2430E+16
0.11800E+03 0.4748E+16 0.0000E+00 0.4748E+16
0.12100E+03 0.7594E+16 0.0000E+00 0.7594E+16
0.12500E+03 0.1365E+17 0.0000E+00 0.1365E+17
0.12700E+03 0.1802E+17 0.0000E+00 0.1802E+17
0.12800E+03 0.2063E+17 0.0000E+00 0.2063E+17
0.13100E+03 0.3050E+17 0.0000E+00 0.3050E+17
0.13200E+03 0.3459E+17 0.0000E+00 0.3459E+17
0.13400E+03 0.4420E+17 0.0000E+00 0.4420E+17
0.13700E+03 0.6287E+17 0.0000E+00 0.6287E+17
0.14000E+03 0.8790E+17 0.0000E+00 0.8790E+17
0.14300E+03 0.1209E+18 0.0000E+00 0.1209E+18
0.14700E+03 0.1806E+18 0.0000E+00 0.1806E+18
0.15100E+03 0.2632E+18 0.0000E+00 0.2632E+18
0.15500E+03 0.3749E+18 0.0000E+00 0.3749E+18
0.15900E+03 0.5229E+18 0.0000E+00 0.5229E+18
0.16200E+03 0.6628E+18 0.0000E+00 0.6628E+18
0.16600E+03 0.8946E+18 0.0000E+00 0.8946E+18
0.17000E+03 0.1187E+19 0.0000E+00 0.1187E+19
0.17300E+03 0.1452E+19 0.0000E+00 0.1452E+19
0.17700E+03 0.1876E+19 0.0000E+00 0.1876E+19
0.18000E+03 0.2253E+19 0.0000E+00 0.2253E+19
0.18200E+03 0.2535E+19 0.0000E+00 0.2535E+19
0.18600E+03 0.3180E+19 0.0000E+00 0.3180E+19
0.19100E+03 0.4151E+19 0.0000E+00 0.4151E+19
0.19400E+03 0.4832E+19 0.0000E+00 0.4832E+19
0.19800E+03 0.5864E+19 0.0000E+00 0.5864E+19
0.20200E+03 0.7045E+19 0.0000E+00 0.7045E+19
0.20500E+03 0.8040E+19 0.0000E+00 0.8040E+19
0.21000E+03 0.9912E+19 0.0000E+00 0.9912E+19
0.21600E+03 0.1253E+20 0.0000E+00 0.1253E+20
0.22000E+03 0.1451E+20 0.0000E+00 0.1451E+20
0.22300E+03 0.1614E+20 0.0000E+00 0.1614E+20
0.22700E+03 0.1848E+20 0.0000E+00 0.1848E+20
0.23000E+03 0.2469E+20 0.0000E+00 0.2469E+20
0.23400E+03 0.4700E+20 0.0000E+00 0.4700E+20
0.24000E+03 0.6534E+20 0.0000E+00 0.6534E+20
0.24600E+03 0.9863E+20 0.0000E+00 0.9863E+20
0.25200E+03 0.2670E+21 0.0000E+00 0.2670E+21
0.25700E+03 0.5299E+21 0.0000E+00 0.5299E+21
0.26000E+03 0.4966E+21 0.0000E+00 0.4966E+21
0.26400E+03 0.1983E+22 0.0000E+00 0.1983E+22
0.26900E+03 0.2413E+22 0.0000E+00 0.2413E+22
0.27400E+03 0.2719E+22 0.0000E+00 0.2719E+22
0.27900E+03 0.1777E+22 0.0000E+00 0.1777E+22
0.28400E+03 0.3342E+22 0.0000E+00 0.3342E+22
0.29000E+03 0.4193E+22 0.0000E+00 0.4193E+22
0.29600E+03 0.3480E+22 0.0000E+00 0.3480E+22
0.30100E+03 0.3039E+22 0.0000E+00 0.3039E+22
0.30800E+03 0.4262E+22 0.0000E+00 0.4262E+22
0.31800E+03 0.4529E+22 0.0000E+00 0.4529E+22
0.32800E+03 0.5231E+22 0.0000E+00 0.5231E+22
0.33800E+03 0.5139E+22 0.0000E+00 0.5139E+22
0.34800E+03 0.4936E+22 0.0000E+00 0.4936E+22
0.35700E+03 0.8523E+22 0.0000E+00 0.8523E+22
0.36600E+03 0.1541E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1541E+23
0.37500E+03 0.1519E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1519E+23
0.38500E+03 0.1165E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1165E+23
0.39500E+03 0.1887E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1887E+23
0.40500E+03 0.2399E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2399E+23
0.41400E+03 0.2381E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2381E+23
0.42200E+03 0.2142E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2142E+23
0.43000E+03 0.2022E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2022E+23
0.44100E+03 0.2380E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2380E+23
0.45100E+03 0.2428E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2428E+23
0.46000E+03 0.2104E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2104E+23
0.47000E+03 0.2130E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2130E+23
0.48000E+03 0.2402E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2402E+23
0.49000E+03 0.1978E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1978E+23
0.50000E+03 0.2462E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2462E+23
0.50600E+03 0.2150E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2150E+23
0.51200E+03 0.3666E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3666E+23
0.52000E+03 0.3435E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3435E+23
0.53000E+03 0.3113E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3113E+23
0.54000E+03 0.2542E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2542E+23
0.55000E+03 0.2453E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2453E+23
0.56000E+03 0.3229E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3229E+23
0.57000E+03 0.3555E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3555E+23
0.58000E+03 0.3409E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3409E+23
0.59000E+03 0.3431E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3431E+23
0.60000E+03 0.2825E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2825E+23
0.61000E+03 0.2763E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2763E+23
0.62000E+03 0.3452E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3452E+23
0.63000E+03 0.3220E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3220E+23
0.64000E+03 0.3476E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3476E+23
0.65000E+03 0.3294E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3294E+23
0.65800E+03 0.2989E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2989E+23
0.66500E+03 0.3335E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3335E+23
0.67500E+03 0.3471E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3471E+23
0.68500E+03 0.2920E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2920E+23
0.69500E+03 0.3346E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3346E+23
0.70500E+03 0.2651E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2651E+23
0.71600E+03 0.3368E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3368E+23
0.72600E+03 0.3352E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3352E+23
0.73500E+03 0.3332E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3332E+23
0.74500E+03 0.3171E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3171E+23
0.75500E+03 0.3109E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3109E+23
0.76500E+03 0.2768E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2768E+23
0.77500E+03 0.3028E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3028E+23
0.78500E+03 0.2756E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2756E+23
0.79500E+03 0.2919E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2919E+23
0.80500E+03 0.2940E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2940E+23
0.81500E+03 0.2920E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2920E+23
0.82500E+03 0.2923E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2923E+23
0.83500E+03 0.2295E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2295E+23
0.84500E+03 0.2795E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2795E+23
0.85500E+03 0.2717E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2717E+23
0.86500E+03 0.2774E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2774E+23
0.87500E+03 0.2747E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2747E+23
0.88500E+03 0.2714E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2714E+23
0.89500E+03 0.2688E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2688E+23
0.90500E+03 0.2608E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2608E+23
0.91500E+03 0.2468E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2468E+23
0.92500E+03 0.5304E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5304E+23
0.93500E+03 0.7976E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7976E+23
0.94500E+03 0.1015E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1015E+24
0.95500E+03 0.1140E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1140E+24
0.96500E+03 0.1226E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1226E+24
0.97500E+03 0.5381E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5381E+23
0.98500E+03 0.9793E+23 0.0000E+00 0.9793E+23
0.99500E+03 0.9192E+23 0.0000E+00 0.9192E+23
0.10050E+04 0.1093E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1093E+24
0.10150E+04 0.1108E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1108E+24
0.10250E+04 0.8038E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8038E+23
0.10350E+04 0.9864E+23 0.0000E+00 0.9864E+23
0.10450E+04 0.1261E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1261E+24
0.10550E+04 0.1204E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1204E+24
0.10650E+04 0.1034E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1034E+24
0.10750E+04 0.1104E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1104E+24
0.10850E+04 0.9789E+23 0.0000E+00 0.9789E+23
0.10950E+04 0.1103E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1103E+24
0.11050E+04 0.1051E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1051E+24
0.11150E+04 0.1023E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1023E+24
0.11250E+04 0.9072E+23 0.0000E+00 0.9072E+23
0.11350E+04 0.1034E+24 0.0000E+00 0.1034E+24
0.11450E+04 0.9763E+23 0.0000E+00 0.9763E+23
0.11550E+04 0.9646E+23 0.0000E+00 0.9646E+23
0.11650E+04 0.9424E+23 0.0000E+00 0.9424E+23
0.11750E+04 0.6628E+23 0.0000E+00 0.6628E+23
0.11850E+04 0.8798E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8798E+23
0.11950E+04 0.7656E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7656E+23
0.12050E+04 0.6702E+23 0.0000E+00 0.6702E+23
0.12150E+04 0.5387E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5387E+23
0.12250E+04 0.7130E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7130E+23
0.12350E+04 0.8299E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8299E+23
0.12450E+04 0.8480E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8480E+23
0.12550E+04 0.8243E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8243E+23
0.12650E+04 0.7881E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7881E+23
0.12750E+04 0.8676E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8676E+23
0.12850E+04 0.8754E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8754E+23
0.12950E+04 0.7709E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7709E+23
0.13050E+04 0.7607E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7607E+23
0.13150E+04 0.8441E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8441E+23
0.13250E+04 0.8078E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8078E+23
0.13350E+04 0.7593E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7593E+23
0.13450E+04 0.8044E+23 0.0000E+00 0.8044E+23
0.13550E+04 0.7770E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7770E+23
0.13650E+04 0.7232E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7232E+23
0.13750E+04 0.7192E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7192E+23
0.13850E+04 0.7092E+23 0.0000E+00 0.7092E+23
0.13950E+04 0.5527E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5527E+23
0.14050E+04 0.5287E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5287E+23
0.14150E+04 0.6562E+23 0.0000E+00 0.6562E+23
0.14250E+04 0.6332E+23 0.0000E+00 0.6332E+23
0.14350E+04 0.6479E+23 0.0000E+00 0.6479E+23
0.14420E+04 0.6547E+23 0.0000E+00 0.6547E+23
0.14470E+04 0.6548E+23 0.0000E+00 0.6548E+23
0.14550E+04 0.6315E+23 0.0000E+00 0.6315E+23
0.14650E+04 0.5978E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5978E+23
0.14750E+04 0.5958E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5958E+23
0.14850E+04 0.5978E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5978E+23
0.14950E+04 0.5901E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5901E+23
0.15050E+04 0.5640E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5640E+23
0.15120E+04 0.5226E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5226E+23
0.15170E+04 0.5379E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5379E+23
0.15250E+04 0.5258E+23 0.0000E+00 0.5258E+23
0.15350E+04 0.4583E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4583E+23
0.15450E+04 0.4225E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4225E+23
0.15550E+04 0.4164E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4164E+23
0.15650E+04 0.4545E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4545E+23
0.15750E+04 0.4794E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4794E+23
0.15850E+04 0.4872E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4872E+23
0.15950E+04 0.4882E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4882E+23
0.16050E+04 0.4709E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4709E+23
0.16150E+04 0.4610E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4610E+23
0.16250E+04 0.4499E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4499E+23
0.16350E+04 0.4649E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4649E+23
0.16450E+04 0.4632E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4632E+23
0.16550E+04 0.4482E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4482E+23
0.16650E+04 0.4615E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4615E+23
0.16720E+04 0.4219E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4219E+23
0.16770E+04 0.4735E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4735E+23
0.16850E+04 0.4706E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4706E+23
0.16950E+04 0.4476E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4476E+23
0.17050E+04 0.4338E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4338E+23
0.17150E+04 0.4130E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4130E+23
0.17250E+04 0.4045E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4045E+23
0.17350E+04 0.4219E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4219E+23
0.17450E+04 0.4126E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4126E+23
0.17550E+04 0.4208E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4208E+23
0.17650E+04 0.4001E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4001E+23
0.17750E+04 0.3952E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3952E+23
0.17850E+04 0.3992E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3992E+23
0.17950E+04 0.4072E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4072E+23
0.18050E+04 0.4036E+23 0.0000E+00 0.4036E+23
0.18150E+04 0.3789E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3789E+23
0.18250E+04 0.3807E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3807E+23
0.18350E+04 0.3705E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3705E+23
0.18450E+04 0.3459E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3459E+23
0.18550E+04 0.3475E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3475E+23
0.18650E+04 0.3509E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3509E+23
0.18750E+04 0.3604E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3604E+23
0.18850E+04 0.3360E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3360E+23
0.18950E+04 0.3240E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3240E+23
0.19050E+04 0.3365E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3365E+23
0.19150E+04 0.3245E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3245E+23
0.19250E+04 0.3120E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3120E+23
0.19350E+04 0.3218E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3218E+23
0.19450E+04 0.3294E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3294E+23
0.19550E+04 0.3060E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3060E+23
0.19670E+04 0.3245E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3245E+23
0.19760E+04 0.3300E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3300E+23
0.19840E+04 0.3148E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3148E+23
0.19950E+04 0.3060E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3060E+23
0.20050E+04 0.3110E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3110E+23
0.20150E+04 0.3040E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3040E+23
0.20250E+04 0.3094E+23 0.0000E+00 0.3094E+23
0.20350E+04 0.2941E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2941E+23
0.20450E+04 0.2978E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2978E+23
0.20550E+04 0.2657E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2657E+23
0.20650E+04 0.2758E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2758E+23
0.20740E+04 0.2999E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2999E+23
0.20780E+04 0.2871E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2871E+23
0.20850E+04 0.2933E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2933E+23
0.20950E+04 0.2794E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2794E+23
0.21050E+04 0.2804E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2804E+23
0.21150E+04 0.2819E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2819E+23
0.21250E+04 0.2813E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2813E+23
0.21350E+04 0.2690E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2690E+23
0.21450E+04 0.2682E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2682E+23
0.21550E+04 0.2736E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2736E+23
0.21650E+04 0.2647E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2647E+23
0.21750E+04 0.2630E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2630E+23
0.21850E+04 0.2579E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2579E+23
0.21950E+04 0.2641E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2641E+23
0.22050E+04 0.2581E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2581E+23
0.22150E+04 0.2474E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2474E+23
0.22250E+04 0.2424E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2424E+23
0.22350E+04 0.2490E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2490E+23
0.22450E+04 0.2417E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2417E+23
0.22550E+04 0.2328E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2328E+23
0.22650E+04 0.2346E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2346E+23
0.22750E+04 0.2360E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2360E+23
0.22850E+04 0.2374E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2374E+23
0.22950E+04 0.2238E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2238E+23
0.23050E+04 0.2259E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2259E+23
0.23150E+04 0.2187E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2187E+23
0.23250E+04 0.1904E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1904E+23
0.23350E+04 0.2067E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2067E+23
0.23450E+04 0.2015E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2015E+23
0.23550E+04 0.2087E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2087E+23
0.23650E+04 0.1975E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1975E+23
0.23750E+04 0.1985E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1985E+23
0.23850E+04 0.1873E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1873E+23
0.23950E+04 0.1932E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1932E+23
0.24050E+04 0.1881E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1881E+23
0.24150E+04 0.1890E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1890E+23
0.24250E+04 0.1950E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1950E+23
0.24350E+04 0.1890E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1890E+23
0.24450E+04 0.1937E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1937E+23
0.24550E+04 0.1911E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1911E+23
0.24650E+04 0.1880E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1880E+23
0.24750E+04 0.1827E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1827E+23
0.24850E+04 0.1813E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1813E+23
0.24950E+04 0.1605E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1605E+23
0.25050E+04 0.1836E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1836E+23
0.25130E+04 0.1677E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1677E+23
0.25180E+04 0.1718E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1718E+23
0.25250E+04 0.1683E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1683E+23
0.25350E+04 0.1692E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1692E+23
0.25450E+04 0.1663E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1663E+23
0.25550E+04 0.1734E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1734E+23
0.25650E+04 0.1687E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1687E+23
0.25750E+04 0.1734E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1734E+23
0.25850E+04 0.1705E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1705E+23
0.25950E+04 0.1672E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1672E+23
0.26050E+04 0.1628E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1628E+23
0.26150E+04 0.1596E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1596E+23
0.26250E+04 0.1637E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1637E+23
0.26350E+04 0.1683E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1683E+23
0.26450E+04 0.1772E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1772E+23
0.26550E+04 0.1820E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1820E+23
0.26650E+04 0.1662E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1662E+23
0.26750E+04 0.1699E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1699E+23
0.26850E+04 0.1711E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1711E+23
0.26950E+04 0.1617E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1617E+23
0.27050E+04 0.1652E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1652E+23
0.27150E+04 0.1567E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1567E+23
0.27250E+04 0.1541E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1541E+23
0.27350E+04 0.1580E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1580E+23
0.27450E+04 0.1433E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1433E+23
0.27550E+04 0.1456E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1456E+23
0.27650E+04 0.1492E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1492E+23
0.27750E+04 0.1529E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1529E+23
0.27850E+04 0.1438E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1438E+23
0.27950E+04 0.1243E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1243E+23
0.28050E+04 0.1292E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1292E+23
0.28150E+04 0.1472E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1472E+23
0.28250E+04 0.1533E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1533E+23
0.28350E+04 0.1481E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1481E+23
0.28450E+04 0.1429E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1429E+23
0.28550E+04 0.1362E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1362E+23
0.28650E+04 0.1479E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1479E+23
0.28750E+04 0.1507E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1507E+23
0.28850E+04 0.1485E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1485E+23
0.28950E+04 0.1502E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1502E+23
0.29100E+04 0.1608E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1608E+23
0.29300E+04 0.1533E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1533E+23
0.29500E+04 0.1485E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1485E+23
0.29700E+04 0.1491E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1491E+23
0.29900E+04 0.1478E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1478E+23
0.30100E+04 0.1469E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1469E+23
0.30300E+04 0.1468E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1468E+23
0.30500E+04 0.1465E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1465E+23
0.30700E+04 0.1474E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1474E+23
0.30900E+04 0.1458E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1458E+23
0.31100E+04 0.1483E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1483E+23
0.31300E+04 0.1436E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1436E+23
0.31500E+04 0.1430E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1430E+23
0.31700E+04 0.1441E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1441E+23
0.31900E+04 0.1356E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1356E+23
0.32100E+04 0.1392E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1392E+23
0.32300E+04 0.1309E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1309E+23
0.32500E+04 0.1426E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1426E+23
0.32700E+04 0.1486E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1486E+23
0.32900E+04 0.1463E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1463E+23
0.33100E+04 0.1428E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1428E+23
0.33300E+04 0.1422E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1422E+23
0.33500E+04 0.1387E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1387E+23
0.33700E+04 0.1269E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1269E+23
0.33900E+04 0.1301E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1301E+23
0.34100E+04 0.1305E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1305E+23
0.34300E+04 0.1311E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1311E+23
0.34500E+04 0.1322E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1322E+23
0.34700E+04 0.1324E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1324E+23
0.34900E+04 0.1365E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1365E+23
0.35100E+04 0.1392E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1392E+23
0.35300E+04 0.1324E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1324E+23
0.35500E+04 0.1393E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1393E+23
0.35700E+04 0.1203E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1203E+23
0.35900E+04 0.1199E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1199E+23
0.36100E+04 0.1289E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1289E+23
0.36300E+04 0.1308E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1308E+23
0.36400E+04 0.1322E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1322E+23
0.36500E+04 0.1402E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1402E+23
0.36700E+04 0.1411E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1411E+23
0.36900E+04 0.1325E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1325E+23
0.37100E+04 0.1415E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1415E+23
0.37300E+04 0.1226E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1226E+23
0.37500E+04 0.1400E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1400E+23
0.37700E+04 0.1537E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1537E+23
0.37900E+04 0.1666E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1666E+23
0.38100E+04 0.1743E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1743E+23
0.38300E+04 0.1324E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1324E+23
0.38500E+04 0.1677E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1677E+23
0.38700E+04 0.1753E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1753E+23
0.38900E+04 0.1481E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1481E+23
0.39100E+04 0.1940E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1940E+23
0.39300E+04 0.1438E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1438E+23
0.39500E+04 0.1775E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1775E+23
0.39700E+04 0.1203E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1203E+23
0.39900E+04 0.2068E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2068E+23
0.40100E+04 0.2227E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2227E+23
0.40300E+04 0.2209E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2209E+23
0.40500E+04 0.2161E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2161E+23
0.40700E+04 0.2068E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2068E+23
0.40900E+04 0.2106E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2106E+23
0.41100E+04 0.1876E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1876E+23
0.41300E+04 0.2118E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2118E+23
0.41500E+04 0.2134E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2134E+23
0.41700E+04 0.2132E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2132E+23
0.41900E+04 0.2103E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2103E+23
0.42100E+04 0.2116E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2116E+23
0.42300E+04 0.2062E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2062E+23
0.42500E+04 0.2099E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2099E+23
0.42700E+04 0.2011E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2011E+23
0.42900E+04 0.1942E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1942E+23
0.43100E+04 0.1761E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1761E+23
0.43300E+04 0.1955E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1955E+23
0.43500E+04 0.1839E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1839E+23
0.43700E+04 0.2178E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2178E+23
0.43900E+04 0.2049E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2049E+23
0.44100E+04 0.2108E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2108E+23
0.44300E+04 0.2184E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2184E+23
0.44500E+04 0.2190E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2190E+23
0.44700E+04 0.2258E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2258E+23
0.44900E+04 0.2278E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2278E+23
0.45100E+04 0.2472E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2472E+23
0.45300E+04 0.2254E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2254E+23
0.45500E+04 0.2295E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2295E+23
0.45700E+04 0.2420E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2420E+23
0.45900E+04 0.2311E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2311E+23
0.46100E+04 0.2355E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2355E+23
0.46300E+04 0.2295E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2295E+23
0.46500E+04 0.2315E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2315E+23
0.46700E+04 0.2370E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2370E+23
0.46900E+04 0.2323E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2323E+23
0.47100E+04 0.2253E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2253E+23
0.47300E+04 0.2323E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2323E+23
0.47500E+04 0.2365E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2365E+23
0.47700E+04 0.2349E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2349E+23
0.47900E+04 0.2336E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2336E+23
0.48100E+04 0.2310E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2310E+23
0.48300E+04 0.2338E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2338E+23
0.48500E+04 0.2135E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2135E+23
0.48700E+04 0.1902E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1902E+23
0.48900E+04 0.2237E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2237E+23
0.49100E+04 0.2249E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2249E+23
0.49300E+04 0.2204E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2204E+23
0.49500E+04 0.2288E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2288E+23
0.49700E+04 0.2256E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2256E+23
0.49900E+04 0.2124E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2124E+23
0.50100E+04 0.2028E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2028E+23
0.50300E+04 0.2122E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2122E+23
0.50500E+04 0.2110E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2110E+23
0.50700E+04 0.2181E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2181E+23
0.50900E+04 0.2078E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2078E+23
0.51100E+04 0.2134E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2134E+23
0.51300E+04 0.2068E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2068E+23
0.51500E+04 0.2007E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2007E+23
0.51700E+04 0.1899E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1899E+23
0.51900E+04 0.1943E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1943E+23
0.52100E+04 0.2040E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2040E+23
0.52300E+04 0.2124E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2124E+23
0.52500E+04 0.2187E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2187E+23
0.52700E+04 0.1977E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1977E+23
0.52900E+04 0.2192E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2192E+23
0.53100E+04 0.2283E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2283E+23
0.53300E+04 0.2071E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2071E+23
0.53500E+04 0.2222E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2222E+23
0.53700E+04 0.2208E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2208E+23
0.53900E+04 0.2157E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2157E+23
0.54100E+04 0.2124E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2124E+23
0.54300E+04 0.2147E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2147E+23
0.54500E+04 0.2201E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2201E+23
0.54700E+04 0.2147E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2147E+23
0.54900E+04 0.2155E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2155E+23
0.55100E+04 0.2125E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2125E+23
0.55300E+04 0.2170E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2170E+23
0.55500E+04 0.2194E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2194E+23
0.55700E+04 0.2154E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2154E+23
0.55900E+04 0.2108E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2108E+23
0.56100E+04 0.2167E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2167E+23
0.56300E+04 0.2145E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2145E+23
0.56500E+04 0.2166E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2166E+23
0.56700E+04 0.2122E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2122E+23
0.56900E+04 0.2174E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2174E+23
0.57100E+04 0.2113E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2113E+23
0.57300E+04 0.2250E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2250E+23
0.57500E+04 0.2170E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2170E+23
0.57700E+04 0.2188E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2188E+23
0.57900E+04 0.2114E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2114E+23
0.58100E+04 0.2182E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2182E+23
0.58300E+04 0.2230E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2230E+23
0.58500E+04 0.2165E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2165E+23
0.58700E+04 0.2156E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2156E+23
0.58900E+04 0.1998E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1998E+23
0.59100E+04 0.2117E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2117E+23
0.59300E+04 0.2120E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2120E+23
0.59500E+04 0.2118E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2118E+23
0.59700E+04 0.2146E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2146E+23
0.59900E+04 0.2109E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2109E+23
0.60100E+04 0.2079E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2079E+23
0.60300E+04 0.2121E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2121E+23
0.60500E+04 0.2152E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2152E+23
0.60700E+04 0.2146E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2146E+23
0.60900E+04 0.2077E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2077E+23
0.61100E+04 0.2078E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2078E+23
0.61300E+04 0.1986E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1986E+23
0.61500E+04 0.2024E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2024E+23
0.61700E+04 0.1939E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1939E+23
0.61900E+04 0.2026E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2026E+23
0.62100E+04 0.2007E+23 0.0000E+00 0.2007E+23
0.62300E+04 0.1947E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1947E+23
0.62500E+04 0.1889E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1889E+23
0.62700E+04 0.1970E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1970E+23
0.62900E+04 0.1999E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1999E+23
0.63100E+04 0.1953E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1953E+23
0.63300E+04 0.1975E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1975E+23
0.63500E+04 0.1974E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1974E+23
0.63700E+04 0.1962E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1962E+23
0.63900E+04 0.1989E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1989E+23
0.64100E+04 0.1953E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1953E+23
0.64300E+04 0.1969E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1969E+23
0.64500E+04 0.1956E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1956E+23
0.64700E+04 0.1948E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1948E+23
0.64900E+04 0.1904E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1904E+23
0.65100E+04 0.1955E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1955E+23
0.65300E+04 0.1953E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1953E+23
0.65500E+04 0.1887E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1887E+23
0.65700E+04 0.1750E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1750E+23
0.65900E+04 0.1917E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1917E+23
0.66100E+04 0.1940E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1940E+23
0.66300E+04 0.1923E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1923E+23
0.66500E+04 0.1916E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1916E+23
0.66700E+04 0.1875E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1875E+23
0.66900E+04 0.1902E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1902E+23
0.67100E+04 0.1840E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1840E+23
0.67300E+04 0.1878E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1878E+23
0.67500E+04 0.1850E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1850E+23
0.67700E+04 0.1860E+23 0.0000E+00 0.1860E+23