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First version of the pdf_analysis module

Maybe we should change the name.
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2013 Centre de données Astrophysiques de Marseille
# Copyright (C) 2014 Yannick Roehlly <>
# Licensed under the CeCILL-v2 licence - see Licence_CeCILL_V2-en.txt
# Author: Yannick Roehlly
import numpy as np
from copy import deepcopy
from ...sed.cosmology import cosmology
from ...creation_modules import get_module as get_creation_module
def gen_compute_fluxes_at_redshift(sed, filters, redshifting_module,
""""Generate function to compute the fluxes of a SED at a given redshift
Given a SED, a list of filters and a redshift module name, this generator
returns a function computing the fluxes of the SED in all the filters at
a given redshift. If the SED is older than the Universe at the given
redshift, the fluxes returned by this function will be all -99.
If the redshift module name is None, the SED is not redshifted by the
returned function. This means that it will always return the same fluxes,
whatever its redshift parameter. This can be used for computing
photometric redshifts.
sed : pcigale.sed
The pcigale SED object.
filters : list of
List of pcigale filters objects.
redshifting_module : picgale.creation_modules.Module
A pcigale SED creation module to redshift the SED. It must accept a
redshift parameter (or be None).
igm_module : picgale.creation_modules.Module
A pcigale SED creation module to add the IGM attenuation to the SED.
Is not used if the redshifting module is None.
gen_fluxes : function
Function computing the fluxes of the SED in all filters at a given
# The returned function is memoized.
cache = {}
def gen_fluxes(redshift):
"""Compute the flux of the SED in various filters.
redshift : float
array fo floats
# If the function is generated without a redshift module, it always
# computes the fluxes at the SED redshift (the SED may be already
# redshifted).
if not redshifting_module:
redshift = sed.redshift
if redshift not in cache:
# Age of the Universe at redshift.
# astropy 0.3 cosmology functions return quantities
age_at_redshift = cosmology.age(redshift).value * 1000
except AttributeError:
age_at_redshift = cosmology.age(redshift) * 1000
if["age"] > age_at_redshift:
cache[redshift] = -99 * np.ones(len(filters))
if redshifting_module:
red_sed = deepcopy(sed)
redshifting_module.parameters["redshift"] = redshift
if igm_module:
red_sed = sed
cache[redshift] = np.array(
for filt_ in filters])
return cache[redshift]
return gen_fluxes
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