Commit c6e3bd6f authored by Médéric Boquien's avatar Médéric Boquien

There is no need to return the wavelength grid after convolution in the data...

There is no need to return the wavelength grid after convolution in the data bc03 module, it is readily available in the bc03 sed module.
parent 6fab230a
......@@ -107,4 +107,4 @@ class BC03(object):
return self.wavelength_grid, spec, info
return spec, info
......@@ -75,20 +75,21 @@ class BC03(SedModule):
# First, we process the young population (age lower than the
# separation age.)
young_wave, young_lumin, young_info = self.ssp.convolve(
young_lumin, young_info = self.ssp.convolve(
# Then, we process the old population. If the SFH is shorter than the
# separation age then all the arrays will consist only of 0.
old_sfh = np.copy(sed.sfh)
old_sfh[-self.separation_age:] = 0.
old_wave, old_lumin, old_info = self.ssp.convolve(old_sfh)
old_lumin, old_info = self.ssp.convolve(old_sfh)
# We compute the Lyman continuum luminosity as it is important to
# compute the energy absorbed by the dust before ionising gas.
w = np.where(young_wave <= 91.1)
lum_ly_young = np.trapz(young_lumin[w], young_wave[w])
lum_ly_old = np.trapz(old_lumin[w], old_wave[w])
wave = self.ssp.wavelength_grid
w = np.where(wave <= 91.1)
lum_ly_young = np.trapz(young_lumin[w], wave[w])
lum_ly_old = np.trapz(old_lumin[w], wave[w])
sed.add_module(, self.parameters)
......@@ -121,8 +122,8 @@ class BC03(SedModule):
young_info["m_gas"] + old_info["m_gas"],
sed.add_contribution("stellar.old", old_wave, old_lumin)
sed.add_contribution("stellar.young", young_wave, young_lumin)
sed.add_contribution("stellar.old", wave, old_lumin)
sed.add_contribution("stellar.young", wave, young_lumin)
# SedModule to be returned by get_module
Module = BC03
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