Commit c7f03584 authored by Médéric Boquien's avatar Médéric Boquien
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Add more explicit comments.

parent e9f545b5
......@@ -208,24 +208,27 @@ def compute_chi2(model_fluxes, model_props, model_propsmass, obs,
args=(obs_values, obs_values_err,
model_values[:, imod])).x
# χ² of the comparison of each model to each observation.
# Computation of the χ² from fluxes
chi2 = np.zeros(model_fluxes.shape[1])
for i in range(obs.fluxes.size):
if np.isfinite(obs.fluxes[i]) and obs.fluxes_err[i] > 0.:
chi2 += np.square((obs.fluxes[i] - model_fluxes[i, :] * scaling) *
# Computation of the χ² from intensive properties
for i in range(obs.extprops.size):
if np.isfinite(obs.extprops[i]):
chi2 += np.square((obs.extprops[i] - corr_dz * (scaling *
model_propsmass[i, :])) *
# Computation of the χ² from extensive properties
for i in range(obs.intprops.size):
if np.isfinite(obs.intprops[i]):
chi2 += np.square((obs.intprops[i] - model_props[i, :]) *
# they can have upper limit(s).
# Finally take the presence of upper limits into account
if limits == True:
for i, obs_error in enumerate(obs.fluxes_err):
if obs_error < 0.:
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