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Fritz et al. (2006) AGN dust torus emission module
TODO: Describe the module
This module implements the Fritz et al. (2006) models.
......@@ -19,9 +19,22 @@ from . import CreationModule
class Fritz2006(CreationModule):
"""Fritz et al. (2006) AGN dust torus emission
TODO: Describe de module actions.
Information added to the SED: fracAGN, L_AGN.
The AGN emission is computed from the library of Fritz et al. (2006) from
which all of the models are available. They take into account two emission
components linked to the AGN. The first one is the isotropic emission of
the central source, which is assumed to be point-like. This emission is a
composition of power laws with variable indices, in the wavelength range of
0.001-20 microns. The second one is the thermal and scattering dust torus
emission. The conservation of the energy is always verified within 1% for
typical solutions, and up to 10% in the case of very high optical depth and
non-constant dust density. We refer the reader to Fritz et al. (2006) for
more information on the library.
The relative normalization of these components is handled through a
parameter which is the fraction of the total IR luminosity due to the AGN
so that: L_AGN = fracAGN * L_IRTOT, where L_AGN is the AGN luminosity,
fracAGN is the contribution of the AGN to the total IR luminosity
(L_IRTOT), i.e. L_Starburst+L_AGN.
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