Commit d8d94e55 authored by BURGARELLA Denis's avatar BURGARELLA Denis
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More explanations in the savefluxes option

parent 5e8bbb4b
...@@ -48,12 +48,13 @@ class SaveFluxes(AnalysisModule): ...@@ -48,12 +48,13 @@ class SaveFluxes(AnalysisModule):
parameter_list = OrderedDict([ parameter_list = OrderedDict([
("output_file", ( ("output_file", (
"string", "string",
"Name of the output file.", "Name of the output file that contains the parameters of the model(s)",
"and the flux densities in the bands",
"computed_fluxes.txt" "computed_fluxes.txt"
)), )),
("save_sed", ( ("save_sed", (
"boolean", "boolean",
"If True, save the generated SED.", "If True, save the generated spectra for each model.",
"False" "False"
)), )),
("output_format", ( ("output_format", (
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