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Version 2022.0.

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# Change Log
## Unreleased
## 2022.0 (2022-01-10)
### Added
- The polar dust model of X-CIGALE (Yang et al., 2020) for the `skirtor2016` module has been integrated into the regular version. (Médéric Boquien, based on the initial work of Guang Yang)
- An additional check is done when constructing the `pcigale.ini` and `pcigale.ini.spec` files to avoid the generation of an incorrect `pcigale.ini.spec` when `pcigale.ini` exists but `pcigale.ini.spec` does not, which is not supposed to happen under regular circumstances. (Médéric Boquien)
__version__ = "dev"
__version__ = "2022.0"
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