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Add errorbars to the SED plots. Because they tend to be small compared to the...

Add errorbars to the SED plots. Because they tend to be small compared to the dynamic range, we use 3σ uncertainties rather than just 1σ.
parent 8d0185a9
......@@ -107,6 +107,8 @@ def _sed_worker(obs, mod, filters):
filters_wl = np.array([filt.effective_wavelength
for filt in filters.values()])
obs_fluxes = np.array([obs[filt] for filt in filters.keys()])
obs_fluxes_err = np.array([obs[filt+'_err']
for filt in filters.keys()])
mod_fluxes = np.array([mod[filt] for filt in filters.keys()])
xmin = PLOT_L_MIN * (1. + obs['redshift'])
xmax = PLOT_L_MAX * (1. + obs['redshift'])
......@@ -120,12 +122,17 @@ def _sed_worker(obs, mod, filters):
label="Model spectrum",color='k')
ax1.scatter(filters_wl, mod_fluxes, marker='o', color='r',
label="Model fluxes")
ax1.scatter(filters_wl, obs_fluxes, marker='o', color='b',
label="Observed fluxes")
ax1.errorbar(filters_wl, obs_fluxes, yerr=obs_fluxes_err*3, ls='',
marker='_', label='Observed fluxes', color='b',
mask = obs_fluxes != -9999.
ax2.semilogx(filters_wl[mask], (obs_fluxes[mask]-mod_fluxes[mask])/obs_fluxes[mask],
marker='o', color='k',
label="(Obs - Mod) / Obs")
yerr=obs_fluxes_err[mask]/obs_fluxes[mask]*3, marker='_',
label="(Obs-Mod)/Obs", color='k', capsize=0.)
ax2.plot([xmin, xmax], [0., 0.], ls='--', color='k')
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