Commit e9487032 authored by Yannick Roehlly's avatar Yannick Roehlly
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PSEUDO filters must not be normalised

The pseudo filters used to compute (pseudo) line fluxes must not be
normalised to 1. Also, we set their effective wavelength to the mean
wavelength of the positive part.
parent 4add16f3
......@@ -157,7 +157,14 @@ def build_filters(base):
filter_type, filter_table)
# We normalise the filter and compute the effective wavelength.
# If the filter is a pseudo-filter used to compute line fluxes, it
# should not be normalised.
if not filter_name.startswith('PSEUDO'):
new_filter.effective_wavelength = np.mean(
filter_table[0][filter_table[1] > 0]
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