1. 29 Mar, 2014 1 commit
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      Get rid of the parameters array. Rather we generate parameters on-on-fly. This... · 3160d9d4
      Médéric Boquien authored
      Get rid of the parameters array. Rather we generate parameters on-on-fly. This is done using a new class ParameterHandlers, which handles the generation of parameters from a given 1D index. While at it, also do away with global variables. This allows to spawn processes rather than fork them. Even if it takes a little time to do the spawn, this allows to solves some deadlocks with libraries which do not support being used on both sides of a forked process. Overall these modifications makes startup faster (no need to compute the cache cleaning parameters beforehand) and the generation speed is also a few percent faster when the number of models is large enough to compensate for the relatively slow spaning time.
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      Make glob() available in configuration · ce569173
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      Making glob() available in session/configuration.py allows users of
      savefluxes and sfhfromfile to use something like
      filename = "eval glob('sfh*.fits')"
      sfr_column = 2
      to take the star formation history from several files.
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      Add AUTHORS.rst file · f9feb391
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      Remove the author email addresses from the source files and add a AUTHORS.rst
      file with the addresses and current affiliation to make it easier to update
      the information.
      Also, give copyright to the University of Cambridge and the University of
      Crete for code developed by authors working there.
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      Initialise module parameters at instantiation · 1be38e55
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      In order to speed-up module re-use, get the module needs (ssp,
      filters...) out of pcigale database at module instantiation instead of
      doing this everytime "process" is called.
      To do that:
      - we must give the module parameters (and proceed with their checking)
        module instantiation.
      - we must add the possibility for each module to have its own
        initialisation code.
      In addition, to create the configuration file, we must be able to load
      the modules without any parameter to query them for their parameter
      The bc03, dh2002 and m2005 modules were changed to use this new
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