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      We rely on OrderedDict to keep the order of the parameters. However given the... · 14b34462
      Médéric Boquien authored
      We rely on OrderedDict to keep the order of the parameters. However given the way the code is structured currently, there is really no reason for this. So let's just switch to the standard dictionary. This has two advantages. First the standard dictionary is much faster than OrderedDict (implemented in C rather than in pure python). Then, standard dictionaries are marshalable, which makes them usable as keys for other dictionaries.
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      Correct galaxy_mass computation. · 50c19642
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      The "galaxy_mass" parameter must not be set to 1.0 in the stellar
      emission modules because when using CIGALE to generate SED without
      normalising the 1.0 is wrong and misleading.
      Instead, we compute the real galaxy mass (the integration of the SFH) in
      the star formation history modules.
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      Add AUTHORS.rst file · f9feb391
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      Remove the author email addresses from the source files and add a AUTHORS.rst
      file with the addresses and current affiliation to make it easier to update
      the information.
      Also, give copyright to the University of Cambridge and the University of
      Crete for code developed by authors working there.
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      Get rid of process / _process separation · c13de4ed
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      The process method was used to complete and check the parameter
      dictionary before launching the _process one defined in each module. Now
      that the parameters are dealed with at instantiation, this separation is
      no more useful.
      Also, modify the attenuation modules to read the filter in the database
      at instantiation.
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      Initialise module parameters at instantiation · 1be38e55
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      In order to speed-up module re-use, get the module needs (ssp,
      filters...) out of pcigale database at module instantiation instead of
      doing this everytime "process" is called.
      To do that:
      - we must give the module parameters (and proceed with their checking)
        module instantiation.
      - we must add the possibility for each module to have its own
        initialisation code.
      In addition, to create the configuration file, we must be able to load
      the modules without any parameter to query them for their parameter
      The bc03, dh2002 and m2005 modules were changed to use this new
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      Cast numeric parameters to their correct type · 10165bcc
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      To avoid problems that might occur when, for instance, using an integer
      instead of a float, we now cast the module parameters to their expected
      type. This will also have the advantage to raise an error when a
      parameter can't be interpreted with its expected type.
      Also, use integer for age parameters as we are now using Myr as unit.
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      Simplify the SED class · 84ec7cd1
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      Rename lumin_contributions to luminosities and use a 2 axis numpy array
      instead of a list of arrays. This should accelerate some operations.
      The star formation history is now stored in its own property.
      TODO: maybe automatically add age and instantaneous SFR to the info dictionnary when setting the SFH.
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      Use Myr for times · 52af6e0f
      Yannick Roehlly authored
      Using Gyr leads to some errors when comparing times (because they are no
      really equals when they shoud). So we switch to the use of Myr as it is
      the precision for our times.
      Maybe later, we'll go further and use integers for these values.
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