Commit 3ab93ac5 authored by Yannick Roehlly's avatar Yannick Roehlly

Publish wheel to LAM's package index

The wheel is too big to fit in a Gitlab artefact.
parent 0c795d36
stages: stages:
- build_wheel - build
build_wheel: build_wheel:
stage: build_wheel stage: build
image: python:latest image: python:latest
variables: variables:
cache: cache:
paths: paths:
- .cache/pip - .cache/pip
script: python sdist bdist_wheel script:
artifacts: - python sdist bdist_wheel
paths: - pip install twine
- dist/*.whl - twine upload --repository-url $TWINE_URL -u $TWINE_USER -p $TWINE_PASS dist/pcigale*.whl
when: manual when: manual
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