Commit 03e98bfe authored by SAPONE Alann's avatar SAPONE Alann

Add contribution guide

parent fdc54641
We are always looking for contributors.
A contribution can be a feature request, any issue you can find, or even preset sharing.
- If you have any feature request, you can create an issue with the "enhancement" label.
- To notify us you found an issue in the software, you can create an issue with the "bug" or "critical" label.
- Have you made your own source, instrument, site or observing parameters ? Or even a more simple preset you would like to share, such as a sky emission template ? You are very welcome to share it with the community. Contact us at so we can add it in the official repository ! Of course, your name will be added in the contributors list, and in the preset name itself.
Thank you for your incoming contributions !
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