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......@@ -3,9 +3,10 @@
# Licensed under the CeCILL-v2 licence - see Licence_CeCILL_V2-en.txt
# Author: Yannick Roehlly
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
from import build
from setuptools import find_packages, setup
class custom_build(build):
def run(self):
......@@ -17,7 +18,8 @@ class custom_build(build):
entry_points = {
'console_scripts': ['pcigale = pcigale:main', 'pcigale-plots = pcigale_plots:main']
'console_scripts': ['pcigale = pcigale:main',
'pcigale-plots = pcigale_plots:main']
......@@ -32,12 +34,12 @@ setup(
cmdclass={"build": custom_build},
package_data={'pcigale': ['data/data.db'], 'pcigale-plots':['data/CIGALE.png']},
package_data={'pcigale': ['data/data.db'],
'pcigale-plots': ['data/CIGALE.png']},
author="Yannick Roehlly",
description="Python Code Investigating Galaxy Emission",
keywords="astrophysics, galaxy, SED fitting"
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