Commit 51840ec2 authored by Guang's avatar Guang Committed by Guang
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rename the X-ray AGN component

parent ab22a1cc
......@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ class Xray(SedModule):
sed.add_contribution('xray.galaxy', self.wave,
self.lumin_hotgas*l_hotgas_xray_0p5to2keV + \
self.lumin_xrb*(l_hmxb_xray_2to10keV+l_lmxb_xray_2to10keV) )
sed.add_contribution('xray.agn_corona', self.wave, self.lumin_corona * L_lam_2keV)
sed.add_contribution('xray.agn', self.wave, self.lumin_corona * L_lam_2keV)
# SedModule to be returned by get_module
Module = Xray
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