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only apply E(B-V) to type 1

parent a5182b96
......@@ -138,9 +138,14 @@ class Fritz2006(SedModule):
# The extinction factor, flux_1/flux_0
ext_fac = 10**(A_lam/-2.5)
# Calculate the new AGN SED shape after extinction
# The direct and scattered components (line-of-sight) are extincted
if self.psy > (90-self.opening_angle):
# The direct and scattered components (line-of-sight) are extincted for type-1 AGN
lumin_agn_new = self.fritz2006.lumin_agn * ext_fac
lumin_scatt_new = self.fritz2006.lumin_scatt * ext_fac
# Keep the direct and scatter components for type-2
lumin_agn_new = self.fritz2006.lumin_agn
lumin_scatt_new = self.fritz2006.lumin_scatt
# Calculate the total extincted luminosity averaged over all directions
# note that self.opening_angle is different from Fritz's definiting!
l_ext = np.trapz(self.fritz2006.lumin_intrin_agn * (1-ext_fac),
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