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Change alpha_ox to det_alpha_ox, to use the empirical alpha_ox-L_2500 relation (not completed)

parent 0643d4ff
......@@ -33,11 +33,14 @@ class Xray(SedModule):
"The photon index (Gamma) of intrinsic X-ray spectrum.",
("alpha_ox", (
("det_alpha_ox", (
"Power-law slope connecting L_nu at rest-frame 2500 A and 2 keV. "
"Defined as alpha_ox=0.3838*log(Lnu_2keV/Lnu_2500A)",
"Deviation of alpha_ox from the empirical alpha_ox(Lnu_2500A) relation (Just et al. 2007),",
"defined as det_alpha_ox = alpha_ox - alpha_ox(Lnu_2500A).",
"Common (~3sigma) range of det_alpha_ox is [-0.3, 0.3]",
"Note: alpha_ox is the power-law slope connecting L_nu at rest-frame 2500 A and 2 keV, ",
"defined as alpha_ox = 0.3838*log(Lnu_2keV/Lnu_2500A)",
......@@ -45,7 +48,7 @@ class Xray(SedModule):
"""Build the model for a given set of parameters."""
self.gam = float(self.parameters["gam"])
self.alpha_ox = float(self.parameters["alpha_ox"])
self.det_alpha_ox = float(self.parameters["det_alpha_ox"])
# We define various constants necessary to compute the model. For
# consistency, we define speed of light in units of nm s¯¹
......@@ -102,15 +105,17 @@ class Xray(SedModule):
logT = np.log10(['stellar.age_m_star']/1e3 )
# metallicity, units: none
Z =['stellar.metallicity']
# AGN 2500A intrinsic luminosity
# Raise an error when Fritz's AGN module is not used
if 'agn.agn_intrin_Lnu_2500A' not in
sed.add_info('agn.agn_intrin_Lnu_2500A', 1., True)
raise Exception("Fritz's AGN module must be used before X-ray module")
Lnu_2500A =['agn.agn_intrin_Lnu_2500A']
# Add the configuration for X-ray module
sed.add_module(, self.parameters)
sed.add_info("xray.gam", self.gam)
sed.add_info("xray.alpha_ox", self.alpha_ox)
sed.add_info("xray.det_alpha_ox", self.det_alpha_ox)
# Convert det_alpha_ox to alpha_ox
# Calculate 0.5-2 keV hot-gas luminosities
# Mezcua et al. 2018, Eq. 5
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