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Update comment to reflect latest changes.

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......@@ -44,12 +44,6 @@ class BC03(object):
* info_table[1]: Mass returned to the ISM by evolved stars in
solar mass
* info_table[2]: rate of H-ionizing photons (s-1)
* info_table[3]: Amplitude of 4000 Å break (Bruzual 2003)
* info_table[4]: Amplitude of 4000 Å narrow break (Balogh
et al. 1999)
* info_table[5]: Amplitude of 4000 Å break (Stoughton
et al. 2002)
* cinfo_table[6]: Amplitude of Lyman discontinuity
spec_table: 2D array of floats
Spectrum of the SSP in W/nm (first axis) every 1 Myr (second axis).
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