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......@@ -516,7 +516,7 @@ template <class T> int CAmr::loadData(uns::CParticles<T> * particles,
catch (const int e) { // suppose to catch bug on wrong nvarg value
// from ramses code prior 2012
assert(is_gravity && (req_bits&POT_BIT || req_bits&ACC_BIT)); // we must be here if there is gravity
std::cerr << "\n\nCatch error on gravity files, try next alorithms....\n";
std::cerr << "\n\nCatch error on gravity files, probably ramses code prior 2012\ntrying next alorithms, please wait....\n\n";
if (nvarg>ndim) {
std::cerr << "ALGORITHM ERROR, nvarg>ndim\n";
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