Commit adcf15b4 authored by LAMBERT Jean-charles's avatar LAMBERT Jean-charles
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add assert to trap error

parent b34e9a25
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......@@ -332,7 +332,10 @@ template <class T> int CAmr::loadData(uns::CParticles<T> * particles,
for (int ind=0;ind<twotondim;ind++) {
for (int ivar=0; ivar<nvarg; ivar++) {
if (j==icpu&& ngrida>0) {
grav.readDataBlock((char *) &varg[ivar*ngrida*twotondim+ind*ngrida]);
int n=grav.readDataBlock((char *) &varg[ivar*ngrida*twotondim+ind*ngrida]);
//std::cerr << "n="<<n<<"\n";
else grav.skipBlock();
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