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.TH GLNEMO2 1NEMO "March 2016"
.TH GLNEMO2 1NEMO "April 2020"
glnemo2 \- An interactive 3D OpenGL visualization program for nbody snapshots
......@@ -420,5 +420,5 @@ Jean-Charles Lambert
14-Oct-15 Ver 1.9.0 - Fits reader, objects see Changelog JCL
28-Apr-16 Ver 1.10.0- Z stretching, HDF5 support, see Changelog JCL
04-Apr-18 Ver 1.11.0 - new RAMSES format, camera module, see Changelog JCL
17-Feb-20 Ver 1.12.0 - new feature, add characteristics, see Changelog GD
17-Feb-20 Ver 1.20.0 - new feature, add characteristics points, see Changelog GD
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